Sunday, January 4, 2009

A near perfect day

We started out yesterday doing some work at home. The kids were not as appreciative of their toys as we expected them to be, and on New Year's Eve, all of the toys got put in time out. I told them they could do a job and earn a toy back out anytime they wanted, but for three days, no one took me up on my offer! So finally, yesterday, we all worked together to clean up the basement and then got all of the toys out at once.

By the way- we had several days of some pretty bored kids. And it is pretty amazing how creative they get when they have no toys! One morning they played for an hour with dishtowels (first they dressed up in them with capes, hats, and aprons, then they whipped them around like swords. After I banned that game, they had a game where they threw them in the air and tried to catch them, and last they laid them out in different patterns and paths throughout the house).

So, after we got the basement put back together and ate lunch, we headed downtown to see the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. We have lived here all these years, and this is something we haven't seen yet. It was awesome! We didn't want to wait 3 hours to get into the tour of his home (plus it probably wasn't a good idea to take our 3 in there anyway), so we missed that, and the Ebenezer Church was under renovations. But we did see the memorial museum, and walked around the grounds a bit. It was beautifully done and very inspiring to learn more about this amazing man. I wish I could have read more, but we had to move through pretty quickly.

While Jack and Aidan were exploring some stairs, a nice lady took our picture.

Aidan in front of the Ebenezer Baptist Church- this is the one that ML King preached at. If we had turned the camera the other way, right behind us is the newer Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Obama gave his speech this past year. I remember watching this speech and being so inspired by the things he said.

Enjoying a snack outside the museum.

Jack loved the Behold Statue. It was breathtaking. Here is what the sculptor said about it:
"The two aspects of Dr. King's life and works that impressed me most were, first, his ability to defend a morally courageous--though often, unpopular--cause in the face of, seemingly, overwhelming opposition and, second, his ability to maintain his dignity and a genuine spirit of brotherhood in the face of the cruelest and most ignorant threats, insults, and indignities believing that, ultimately, the righteousness of his convictions and beliefs would prevail." You can read more about it here.
Although not an official part of the tour, Jack and Aidan loved "being in jail". Hopefully not a sign of things to come!

Then we went to IKEA for a date. We discovered that they have a little kids-drop-off area, where you can check your kids in to play for an hour while you shop! We had nothing to buy, but we greatly enjoyed walking around for an hour and enjoying a cinnamon roll for our 'date'!

Then we loaded the kids in the car for our last bit of planned fun- dinner at McDonalds! The kids LOVE it when we go there! You know, food and climbing and other kids, and no shoes- who wouldn't love that? We finished our day a little earlier than expected. When we arrived home, the kids figured it was bedtime, and begged and begged to stay up late. Since it was 5:00 pm, Kydon and I pretended to think about it, then agreed to let them 'stay up'. At 6:00, they had stayed up late enough, and we put them to bed.

When we came back down, we both remarked that it had been an almost-perfect day! When was the last perfect day you had? What does the perfect day mean in your family?


amy said...

love love love your updates.. we have one too, we are getting a baby!!

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In any case one of your friends thinks this is a spam comment, its not, ive known Shanna for a long time/


Valeni said...

Just wrote a good comment and lost it! Oh well, it said how much I liked reading about your week-end. A near perfect day for me was our trip to Helen, Ga last week. We had a great hike to Anna Ruby Falls that I really enjoyed, being with family and having a chance to enjoy ourselves, and having good weather. All this makes for a great day!