Monday, January 12, 2009

The Party

Abigail's birthday party was a blast! Kydon had fun for several days prior making a pinata.
There were about 10 kids. Abigail, Aidan, Jack, 2 cousins, and Abigail's primary class.

When they arrived, we made some wooden spoon puppets. After the puppets were done, we split them into a girls group and a boys group, and did a short puppet show. They were so cute waving their puppets around and saying funny things.

Then we had cupcakes and cookies, per Abigail's request.
And then some major present opening. The kids went crazy at this part!! Swarming Abigail, ripping into things, I almost got smothered in tissue paper!

Abigail changed her clothes about 5 times getting ready- she was so excited! I think the one she ended up with was the best one- she looked so cute!

Then we took them out on the deck for pinata fun. This was the favorite part of all who came! What kid wouldn't love hitting something with a stick until it breaks and candy falls out?

That was the end of our planned activities- make puppets, puppet show, eat cupcakes, open presents, pinata. I figured that would be plenty of things to fill up an hour and a half. Too bad it only took about 45 minutes!! So then we had to get creative...
Duck, Duck, Goose.... animal guessing game... bean bag toss... uh... more animal guessing game... when are the parents coming??? :)

But Abigail had a great time, so I guess that is all that matters!


Melinda and Matt said...

Glad she had fun! My kids talked about the party all weekend.

Astarte said...

Wow!! You guys should rent yourselves out! That looks like a wonderful time.

erika said...

What a fun party and it looks like you guys had a great time! Happy Birthday Abigail!

Rachel said...

What a fun party! I'm very impressed with Kydon's pinata skills. I see all that time in school finally paid off!:)

Rebecca said...

SO cute! I love the pinata and I love Abigail's dress... She chose her outfit well!

Melissa said...

I don't know how you found the energy for such a party!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Oh they grow SO fast!! The party looks and sounds like a raging is your baby's mark of 5 years. :)


Valeni said...

Sounds like the party was fun and I loved the pinata Kydon did! He has always been very artistic. You guys have such good ideas. the puppets were very cute@! Wish i had been you all