Thursday, January 22, 2009

A second laugh from the past

Based on comments I've gotten, people really enjoyed my first 'laugh from the past'. You can read it here. So, I decided to do another one. This was my first outing with all 3 kids by myself that didn't involve the pediatrician.

We had been home from North Carolina for a few weeks. We were trying to just keep everyone fed and clean. We did pretty well with the feeding, but clean was still just a hope. It was basically just round-the-clock craziness, with 2 preemies and a 1 year old. I pretty much just lived each day for the hour that Kydon came home and I had some help. So eventually a day came when he was going to be home late. I had taken the kids to the doctor appointments by myself a few times, and I think that gave me false confidence. Sure! I can go places! As long as I have low expectations, it should be fine..... right?

And Abigail had grown out of her shoes. Not that we went anywhere, but I just kept focusing on the fact that she needed shoes. And to shop for kids shoes, you have to have them with you. I couldn't just go after she was in bed, I needed her to try them on.

Combine the need for shoes + Kydon wasn't coming home and I needed something to break up my day + a false sense of confidence, I decided to take them all to the shoe store. As soon as I got the idea, I immediately started getting ready to get in the car. I thought of the idea at 12 noon. I got myself ready, both boys ready, and Abigail ready, with of course stops to feed, get snacks, change diapers, put shoes on, fix make-up, pack the diaper bag, stop to feed, etc. We finally piled in the car at 3:45.

No problem, right? I didn't have to be there at any certain time, or be back at any certain time, so we started off to the store that was about 7 miles away. Then we hit some of the famous Atlanta traffic. I had forgotten that despite my own personal lack of schedule, most people do what they can to avoid being on the street from 4p-7p. But, too bad! It took me almost 4! Hours! To get to this point, and I was not turning back. It took us an hour to get to the store. I had to pull into 2 different parking lots to get bottles ready and try to somehow feed the babies while driving sitting in traffic. By the time I got to the store, I was frazzled. And Abigail was a wreck. And Jack and Aidan were not all that happy either. And it was 5:00, and I wanted to eat.

But we were there! I was AT the STORE! Yay! Let's go in! I get Abigail out and set her in the stroller. She is happy to be out of the car, but not that excited about being strapped into the stroller. I grab Aidan, and he is fine, and I stick him in the back seat (I had a double stroller- Abigail would sit in the front, and Jack and Aidan would sit together in the back seat). Then I go to grab Jack. He has apparently had a blowout sometime during the car ride, and I have to clean him up. This was still not enough to make me turn around. Partly because once I get an idea in my head, I can't give it up, and partly because I was just simply not ready to sit in more traffic again. So I change him, clean him head to toe with wipes, get him dressed in clean clothes, and put him in the stroller.

We make it into the store, when Abigail decides to blow out *her* diaper. Fine. Whatever. I take them all back out to the car, clean her up, change her clothes, get everyone happy again. Back in the stroller, and back to the store. Jack and Aidan are fussing. Some might have called it crying, but I was NOT! LEAVING! They were just fussy, and at that point, there was virtually always a baby crying, so it just seemed pretty normal to me. I made it to the kids shoes, and was actually trying to get Abigail to try some on. Even at that age, she had definite ideas about what she did and did not want to wear. I was getting a lot of dirty looks from people walking by, probably wondering why I wasn't helping that poor little crying baby. I was just trying to get some dang shoes and get the heck out of there!

Then, when I was putting a pacifier back in for the 27th time, I glance down and see/smell something that shouldn't be in my stroller. Yep, Aidan, feeling left behind, decided to have a blow out of his own. All over himself, and the stroller, and Jack.

I hung the white flag of surrender and left. My babies were naked (with a blanket and diaper, but I was all out of clean clothes), I only had 1 bottle left, Abigail was not content to munch the snacks I bought her, and the car/stroller/carseats/babies all smelled like you-know-what. It was a loooong time before I ventured out a second time! And I didn't even get any shoes.


Emily said...

Seriously laughing my head off. I'm the same way. Once I decide to do something, look out! Although I've never tried it with 3 pooping babies! There is a reason mother's are called saints!!

Astarte said...

Oh, MAN!!! Haha!!! Here's to optimism and determination, huh?!

Rebecca said...

Glad you can laugh about that! I vaguely remember you telling me that when it happened! I always thought you were amazing for going out with all three kids!

Jen said...

This makes me feel better that I rarely went anywhere alone when my twins were babies and I only had the two of them!

Melinda and Matt said...

those were the days...that convinced me I didn't want twins! lol It was funny when we would go out together when Alex was a baby--a 5 year old and 5 other kids 3 and under!

Adam and Lisa said...

Oh, Shanna, I remember those days. When I was going through the *fun* of the newborn phase, I would always think, HOW did Shanna do this with twins and a 15 mo old?!

colleensewnsew said...

I was thinking about how crazy things were when the twins were babies. I remember when you left them with me, and I wondered how you did it, all day every day. You deserve a medal