Monday, February 23, 2009

First Day Post Vay-Cay

Also known as: A fine welcome home.

Also: Blogging is great therapy.

Our first day home from Puerto Rico was a doozie. I was about to blow steam out of my ears, when I thought 'hmm... this would make a great blog post". So then I had a much better, humorous attitude about all the craziness!

  • First, one of the things I had bought Abigail for the trip entertainment was a tiny pocket-sized doll. It had 2 different homes- a lipstick case, and a necklace. On the way out there, I gave her the doll and the lipstick case. She loved it! Carried it around every day, etc. So for the airplane ride home, I had given her the necklace, sure that it would keep her happy for a while. I also made sure to put the little doll in the carry on bag so she could play with it. Or at least, I thought I did. I searched, and searched, and searched, but could not find that doll. So then I just spent the whole time on the plane promising that as soon as we walked in the door to home, I would find her the doll. So we came home, and immediately ripped open every.single.suitcase, and tore every.single.thing out of each one looking for the doll. Guess where I found it?? Yep, the last bag- the carry on that I couldn't find it in. Ugh. So we started the day with stuff EVERYWHERE. All ripped apart and huge piles of mess.

  • Second, we left the warm, sunny, beautiful island and came home to cold and rain. Yuck.

  • The kids made up for having no toys for 5 days by immediately dumping out every toy bin we had, then kicking and scattering them all over the house, so that everywhere I walked I was stepping on toy parts. Ouch.

  • As I was clearing things off the counter, I realized that I forgot to stick the phone bill in the mail before we left, and they cut off the phone. Actually, that turned out to be kind of nice, so I didn't bother mailing it for a few more days.

  • The kids were CRAZY. Completely off schedule, and Abigail and Aidan are both sick. And we all know what happens when Abigail gets sick.

  • It was my turn to drive a carpool to the preschool. When I arrived at the grocery store on the way home, I realized that the little girl had forgotton her lunch, so I had to drive it back.

  • Because we left for our trip on Friday, Abigail had missed the Valentines Day party. I was actually kind of glad, because I don't like them to have all that sugar and juice and cupcakes anyway, and I knew she would come home with a bunch of candy that they would all fight over. But don't worry- they saved it for her. And Jack and Aidan fought her over it all day long.

  • I tried to turn the day around by going for a walk when the rain stopped. Guess what- 1/2 way through the rain started back up.

  • I gave the boys a snack of graham crackers. They figured it would be fun to smash them all over the floor with their monster trucks.

  • After finally putting away all the piles of stuff, and going through each bag again, I realized I lost my wallet somewhere on the plane. Nice.
The bright side? I made an awesome dinner- Roasted chicken, cooked carrots, mashed potatos... Yum!!


Astarte said...

Oh, no - your wallet!!!!!

Gah. The first day or two back from vacation are stinky. I always hate the mess and disorientation. And the laundry, for the love of God, the LAUNDRY!

ali said...

wow!! That's crazy. Dinner sounds good though! I've missed you and your blog so much!

so.... can I still come see you?

Merilee said...

I am sure this is the reason that we only go on a big vacation every few years...the mess of coming home and dealing with that is WAY too fresh on our minds for like...23 months! I am glad that you survived...hope you find your wallet!

colleensewnsew said...

You didn't mention that your mom bailed on you so you didn't have any place to go and unwind. Sorry about that!

colleensewnsew said...

You didn't mention that your mom bailed on you so you didn't have any place to go and unwind. Sorry about that!

Rebecca said...

Oh man! The days after vacation are so hard! Ack! I'm so sorry you lost your wallet! Hopefully someone honest will get it & turn it into the airline employees.