Friday, February 27, 2009

Food Friday: 3 Month Supply Progress

My plan for my 3 month supply is working really well. I am past the frustrated stage, and well into the gathering and stocking up stage.

I feel like I have a very clear, very workable plan. I have figured out the foods I want to store, and a way to keep track of it all (using the FIFO shelves, and doing inventory every 3 months for now, eventually moving to every 6 months).

I did my first inventory this past week. I printed off my list, walked around to where my food is stored, checked off the things I have, pulled anything that is close to expiring (to be used quickly) and put the new list in my purse. Now anytime I am at the store, I grab one item from the list, even if it is only $0.50 or $1.

I am also working to put a price next to each item. I am writing down a normal sale price, so if something is full price, I probably won't buy it. If it is on sale, I can buy it, and if it is significantly cheaper than a normal sale price, I can stock up extra. Now that I have my list, it is easier to think of things like prices.

I do have my list separated into 3 categories- grocery items (things I would buy from the grocery or warehouse store), basics (things I can buy cheap at the home storage center and also these items overlap with my 1 year of basic items), and dehydrated items (things primarily for storage, rather than frequent use, like dehydrated eggs, etc.). My plan is to work on getting the grocery items first, get the basics as I can, and then when I have those two in place I can work on the dehydrated items, since I think they are the lowest priority.

So, after my inventory, I have: (drumroll.....) 50% of my grocery items! Woo-hoo! I am 1/2 way there! And actually, I consider myself to be more than half way, because the hard part was figuring out what to store, and that part is done.

I have 10% of my basics (that should increase next week- I have an appointment to visit the home storage center again, and I am going to stock up some of my basics), and 0% of my dehydrated items.

Also, I am working to expand my 'recipe box' of different foods and recipes that I can make using the items in my food storage. Eventually I will print them off and keep hard copies somewhere. Right now they are all on the internet, so if the internet is down, I will be in trouble! :) But, hey, one step at a time, right??

How are you all doing with your food storage? Any progress? Any ideas or tips or hints or recipes to share?

P.S. My freezer meal supply is dwindling. Oops. I have been using them way more than replenishing them! Why is it that I can't do EVERYTHING??? I make progress in one area and slip in another! Oh well.... I am human, after all....

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Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

This is so impressive, but thinking about doing it myself makes my head hurt. I can barely get food in the house for the next day. I'll be in big trouble in a natural disaster! (That's why I keep my car full of gas, so we could drive to the nearest open restaurant?!)