Thursday, February 5, 2009

Food Friday: I've got all y'all fooled

Thought I would throw in a little Southern slang in the title for all you westerners to get a little *culture*.

I think I have fooled most, if not all, of you. Last week, in the comments, Camille said I shouldn't look at her cupboard. And then a friend from church called and asked me a question about WHEAT, of all things, and said that I was her 'food storage expert' (I did know the answer to her question, BUT STILL).

Kydon's parents came up for a visit.... and were really excited to see my food storage! That I talk about all the time! And think about all the time! And make such a big deal about all the time! They were pretty confused when I said "It is right there (indicating my nearly empty pantry shelves)". They looked around, not believing at first that the bare shelves I was gesturing toward held my food storage.

Here you can see my beautiful FIFO shelves- mostly empty. Except the olives. I *do* have my priorities, people.

I think the other two next to the olives only have one can each.

And this shelf isn't much different than when I started. Actually, now that I found the link, it looks like less food than when I started.

But I do have cereal. Although Kydon keeps trying to eat it. I need to find a new hiding place. I mean, really? He thinks this food is for eating?? We are not on the same page with this.

So far, my food storage has been all talk and not much action! I *am* trying, but it is one of those things that is just slow-going. I just thought I would clear up any confusion! One good shopping trip would put any of you ahead of me in the food department!


My favorite new food recipe site this week has been Fun Foods on a Budget.

I loved her Granola recipe. I have tried to make granola in the past, with very dismal results. But this one was simple, easy, and really, really good.

I wanted to make this spice bread. I mixed up the biscuit mix, but then I used it all to make biscuits. They were good too.

We also tried to make our own doughnuts. We decided it is much better to buy them. And Kydon talked me out of making my own home-made yogurt. Probably for the best. :)


Adam and Lisa said...

Who wins the craft it forward? I hope it is me!!

Mary Kate said...

My parents made yogurt when I was a kid....don't remember much about it but I can see the contraption now:) It is funny now that I have my own kids how I want to do all the healthy things my parents did with us that we use to HATE! They were very healthy people....and it really does stick eventually!!

If I could get my kids to stop eating the food storage I would be farther than I am too! ha!

you are doing great Shanna! I am getting my emergency binder copied today!

Rebecca said...

I am loving the recipes you've posted... I did English Muffins (going to do it again with 1/2 wheat flour), I actually did try the yogurt & it worked great (amazing!) and the granola... We had yogurt & granola for breakfast this morning. :)