Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love warm weather!

It is *finally* back in the 70's this week! I thought that 2 weeks of winter would last forever! I know, to all of you who actually get real winter weather, 2 weeks is nothing. But I am still glad that it finally ended!
Today I noticed my first daffodil bloom... and the kids enjoyed a toy clean-up [AKA splash and play in soapy water] [AKA today's bath].


Lisa said...

Can I move to Georgia?

Shanna said...

Bring it on!! We would love to have you here!!

TheVillamorFamily said...

We love this weather too and wonder how long it will stay!

Don't you just love those "warm fuzzies" the kids tell us! Sophia says those alot still....not about any one event just random "i just love you so much!" as she is squeezing my arm(the one she slept on for 5 years!). Nate isn't as vocal but he loves touch....not necessarily(sp?) hugs but making sure I am close by. He is the strong silent type. Amazing how opposite they are!
(sorry to comment here on the previous post...just too lazy to go back!)