Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Online games for kids

My kids love to play computer games. And I love a few minutes of quiet! Here are our favorite sites. The kids can basically do these on their own (bonus).

Free online games.

Lots of fun games and activities. Abigail has recently started liking some of the reading activities, but they all like to create pumpkins, snowmen, and whatever.

Sometimes annoying, but sometimes fun.

Another slightly annoying, but sometimes fun site. It also takes *forever* to load, or is it just us? But they like to change it up sometimes, so we have it on our list.

If you click on Library, then Magazines, then The Friend, you can see a list of activities- slideshows, listen to stories, color online, and activities. Our favorites are coloring and hidden picture game. When you do the online coloring, it plays music of primary songs. I love the Spirit it brings in our home when we put it on and the kids are playing it. Such a peaceful moment. I am always amazed at how nice it is.

We love checking out videos- places we are going (like Disney rides), Monster Truck videos, old cartoons, there are tons of things to check out! But I do have to closely supervise them or they will just start clicking on all kinds of things.

Do you have any favorite websites to go to with your kids?

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Melinda and Matt said...

we use a lot of the same sites--my kids used to use starfall all the time, but caroline has outgrown it--Carter still loves it as does Alex. Caroline loves a game we bought her--mathblaster (to help with her math facts)...she plays on that for hours.