Saturday, February 21, 2009

Puerto Rico, part 2

Picking up where I left off....

I made the kids sit for a picture before we got on the elevator.

Sunday we started out pretty tired. Several days traveling, up late, and being busy all day were starting to take their toll. We decided to go to some of the things that were a little farther away, since the driving might be a good chance for the kids to rest/nap.

First, we (well, actually just Kydon) wanted to see a giant radio telescope they have in PR- the largest in the world. If you watch James Bond, there was some sort of big scene filmed in it. So we drove... and drove... and drove. Through some crazy winding roads that went right through some front yards. We got a lot of the 'local flavor'. :) And of course the kids decided they would rather fight and argue and bother each other instead of sleep. Until I pulled out the Leapsters, of course. :)

We *finally* get there, AND hike up 1/2 mile of stairs (carrying all the kids, of course), AND pay $6 each to check out the awesomeness.

Yep, that is one big satellite dish.

...and we're done.

Aidan at least looked at it. Abigail and Jack were too busy begging for ice cream from the abandoned ice cream cart. Well worth $30. Or not. Whatever.

But it was very close to another cool site- the Camuy Cave. The third largest cave in the world (at least, that is what they said... we took their word for it)! Now this was actually really cool. There were also two bonuses here at the Camuy Caves. One was that we got to ride Aidan's all time favorite ride- a tram. He made everyone laugh by excitedly telling them all about the trams at Disney World and how 'Dissey word hab trams ebbey-where"! This was his favorite part of all of Puerto Rico- the tram ride.

The other bonus was that we met Jack and Aidan's matching twin set. The people behind us in line had 5 year old twin boys. One was very round, with blonde, straight hair. The other was skinny and tiny with brown curly hair! The one that looked like Jack was wearing an orange shirt (Jack's favorite color), and the one that looked like Aidan was wearing a green shirt (Aidan always chooses blue or green). It was so hilarious!

My favorite part of Puerto Rico was this cave. It was so massive and beautiful.

Kydon took this great shot of the entrance to the cave. If you notice the line of people on the right, you can get a sense of the massiveness.

Aidan loves to lay in this position- anytime, anywhere!

Eating out was pretty difficult (of course). There was a Subway right next to our hotel, and we ate there quite a bit. Also we made a few grocery store runs, ate breakfast in our room, that sort of thing. So Sunday night we decided to meet up with all the others for dinner (remember we went to Puerto Rico as part of the pre-wedding celebration for Dane and Laura. They were both there, plus many of their friends, and Kydon's sister Kirsten). We knew we probably wouldn't see much of them, but we did want to do a little something with them. Our dinner started about 8pm, prime time for happy kids! Or not.

We paid $8 each for 3 small plates of spaghetti noodles with some sauce. And, after waiting for over an hour for it to arrive, we found out that Aidan was expecting some other kind of noodle, because when it finally came, he threw a *fit*! "NOT DAT KIND NOODLE"!!! After 2 or 3 trips outside, it finally subsided to "I want what I want". Boy, is that ever the truth! Aidan gets certain ideas set in his head, and there is no going back. In any way, shape or form. My favorite Aidan story from the trip is this moment- hanging out on the sidewalk in front of this restaurant, Aidan kicking the wall, and saying "I want what I want". It was hilarious. And after spending almost $100 on a dinner where we were in and out of the restaurant every few minutes and the food was just s0-so, we decided Subway was looking better and better. :)

Well, this is taking forever to get all written down. I will finish the rest in part 3... coming soon!

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Rebecca said...

Wait... we took that pic of Aidan when we went camping :) The only difference is the palm trees! So cute! Your trip sounds just like our vacations. A mix of frustration and total fun!