Sunday, February 22, 2009

Puerto Rico, Part 3

We thought swimming at night would be a good idea- still warm from the day, a nice way to get the last bits of energy out. The only problem was that the ocean breeze kicked up significantly at night- and made any kind of swimming very, very cold. Finally, on Monday, we figured out to go in the morning. We went to the beach that was attached to our hotel, then over to the pool. It was great! The water was still pretty cold, but the kids didn't seem to mind (despite having to get out once in a while to warm up).

I got in a little with the kids- just enough to get wet and cold. Kydon preferred to find (or make) a shady spot and just enjoy the view.

Then we headed out to see the rainforest. It was so beautiful- just thick and lush and green! It is one of the few rainforests in the world that is expanding instead of shrinking.

Our one and only family shot. In front of a big waterfall in the rainforest.

The kids loved having their binoculars and finding lizards. And leaves, flowers, rocks, all the things that you might expect them to enjoy!

On the way out of the rainforest, we stopped at the visitors center. They had a bunch of interactive displays, which the kids didn't care about at all, and a snack center, which the kids cared about A LOT.

Then, as we were leaving, we saw a walking stick bug on this sign! This bug has always fascinated me- I have wanted to see one since I was a young kid, but figured I never would- so rare and hard to find/see. I was just as excited as the kids to actually see and touch one!

They thought it was so great, squealing and laughing and jumping up and down every time it moved!

As we were leaving the visitors center, we saw a trail to the side, and decided to walk a little on it just so we could say we went hiking in the rainforest. We only made it about 5 minutes before turning around, but it was fun.

Have you ever wondered how to put a 5 year old into a sling?

Step 1: start low

Step 2: wiggle your way into it

Step 3: Enjoy! She likes it a lot more than I do! ;) But it is nice for a few minutes before my back starts breaking and her feet fall asleep from lack of circulation.

I had all these good ideas of things to put emergency information on the kids- cool temporary tattoos, make a little beaded necklace with our cell phone number, a metal clip you can order... but of course I didn't get any of them in time. So at the airport, we were tagging our luggage, and I thought "Hey- we are cheap and tacky! Let's tag the kids too!" So we did.

And just because it was SO beautiful...

I loved walking along this rock wall with the beautiful greenery and palm trees on one side, and the rocks and ocean on the other!

Monday night we returned home from the rainforest just in time for dinner. We weren't in the mood for Subway again, and we decided to try an Italian Restaurant we had seen several times- it advertised itself as a 'family restaurant', so we thought it would be a safe bet. We paid for parking, got everyone out of the car, and Aidan started screaming that he did *NOT* want to go to a restaurant- it bo-ing. I looked over, and Abigail and Jack were busy poking each other, and screaming about what the other one was doing. Kydon and I looked at each other, and we packed it up and headed back to the hotel.
By this time I was super hungry, and when we got to the room I ordered room service. Even though it was pretty expensive, I just wanted something hot and good, and I knew there wasn't a chance of going anywhere. Kydon decided to get something as well, so we ordered 2 $15 hamburgers.
You know those times when you plan and plan and it doesn't turn out? How about the times when all the plans fall apart, and what happens instead turns out better than anything you could have planned? This room service dinner turned out to be the *best* meal of our entire trip!

The kids were full from snacks and wiped out. We turned on the TV, and they just vegged. Kydon and I took our food (which turned out to be really yummy) out to the balcony, where we just happened to time it right to eat while watching the sunset. (Abigail took the above picture- she is getting pretty good!)

The kids ran in and out every few minutes, eating a fry or taking a drink, but for the most part we just sat, and ate, and had a nice conversation and a beautiful view! It was perfect!

Tuesday we just had a half day. We said good bye to our roomate/sister Kirsten, swam in the pool, then went to Old San Juan for a little more sightseeing and shopping.

Between eating Subway for most meals, and toting kids everywhere I went, it is no wonder I actually lost 2 lbs while here!

Wow- I am actually at the end of the trip! Woo-hoo! Stay tuned to hear about my horrible- no- good- very- bad- post vacation day!


Erika said...

Looks like you guys had a crazy adventure....with great memories no doubt. Thanks for taking the time to post about your trip; I loved reading all about it!

Kelly said...

It sounds like you had fun, but believe me when I tell you that Puerto Rico is a lot more fun without the kids.

We stayed in Old San Juan and a resort the whole time and the food was ridiculously expensive there. But it was still a lot of fun.

colleensewnsew said...

I loved reading about your trip. It makes me want to go there - without the kids! Not as much fun, I'm sure, but I would get to eat in better places!