Monday, February 23, 2009

Traveling with Kids

I forgot one story from my Puerto Rico posts. When we left the rainforest, we bought each of the kids a small toy from a souvenir shop. Jack and Aidan chose recorders, and Abigail chose a coconut purse. When we got back in the car, Jack especially was examining his in great detail. After spending a few minutes checking the whole thing out, he says "Mommy, dis made in China or Innia (India)"? He was pretty happy when we figured it was actually made in PR.

Pretty funny!

I know that Puerto Rico would have been easier and in some ways funner and better without bringing the kids. We would have seen more, slept more, and ate more. But, really, who needs to eat and sleep? ;) I was so glad to have them on the trip. In fact, it was the stipulation I gave when Kydon suggested that we go- I told him I would love to go to PR, but I didn't want to leave the kids.

We have had quite a few opportunities to have nights, weekends, and trips with just the two of us. (Thanks, family!) Before we had kids, we traveled all over the place, and had some great times. But now, with our kids, I just have this strong desire to include them with whatever we are doing. I hate leaving them! It took us so long to be a family, that I don't want to waste any of this time we have together. Even with the tantrums and difficulty and bother, I really wouldn't want it any other way. I love taking our kids along with us, and if we couldn't have brought them, I wouldn't have wanted to go.

There are only a few years of this life when our kids are with us. And the way our family turned out, those few years are condensed even a little more, because once they hit a certain age, they will all be gone (or at least not wanting to do things with us). I am trying my best to simply embrace the stage of life we are in and relish all that it brings- the good and the bad.


Astarte said...

I feel the same way. I couldn't imagine going off on some wonderful trip and not bringing them with us. I would spend the whole time thinking about how much they would have loved it.

Lisa said...

ITA, Shanna! We always take our kids on trips with us, and every time, family members wonder why we don't leave them. But it wouldn't feel complete without them. Even with memories of carrying a SCREAMING 2-year-old through all the memorials in Washington, D.C.

Melinda and Matt said...

I know you just posted this to make me feel (more) guilty about planning the Spain trip for next year ;)

Mary Kate said...

We haven't taken a trip alone yet! We too enjoy their company and I think I would worry too much to enjoy myself!! Glad you had a blast!

Cecilee said...

That's so true! One of the blessings of waiting so long for kids is that you truly do appreciate them, even the bad times. The loneliness would be so much worse than the tantrums.