Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Better late than never (I hope)

March 17th wasn't a big deal in our household. We wore some green shirts, dyed the pancakes green and called it good.

Then, Abigail came home from preschool. She hates talking about what she did at preschool, or telling me anything about it. Usually she says "I don't want to talk about it", or something similar.

But today, she was bursting with excitement. And chatter. CHATTER, people! About PRESCHOOL! It seems that while they were in music class, a leprechaun snuck into their classroom through a window. The little rascal ate some of the snacks, tipped over the chairs, made a bit of a mess, and left them a pot of gold (chocolate coins).

Leprechauns are sneaky. And tricky. And funnny. All of this was told to the 3 of us who don't go to preschool with wide eyes and great excitement and disbelief. And chattered about for hours. She was positively giddy.

The whole day, all three of my little lucky charms kept hoping and hoping that a leprechaun would visit our house. They kept going outside to play, then running in to check.

Boy, did I feel like a loser! Droping a few green drops in the milk for dinner just didn't cut it. They are hoping that since the day isn't technically *over*, that one will visit after they went to sleep.

And I'll be darned that if one doesn't come, I will hunt his rainbow down and drag him back here.


Melinda and Matt said...

Leprechauns started coming to our house when Caroline was in preschool too :) I think the leprechauns have a lot of places to cause trouble at and some might have to come the night of St. Patrick's day!

Mary Kate said...

I didn't have anything planned for my preschool for St Patty's day. I felt a little guilty so i researched some activities on the internet yesterday morning. I saw the same idea her preschool did but didn't go as far with it! The kids were mesmorized! It was so funny how they got into the little green man putting things out of place in the room. Next year I am really going to play it up!

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to hear what mischief the leprechauns caused! SO cute!

ali said...

How cute! I didn't even do green pancakes!