Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Come on people! It is FREE!

I only have 13 comments on my Giveaway! I was hoping for at least 20!

Just leave a little comment.... you might win something cute!!

I know I have 37 subscribers.... and about 50 people a day check the blog.... so show me some comment love!

I am mailing out the previous giveaway today... and I am ready for my next project!

I will end the giveaway on Thursday, so that will give you plenty of time to *click* on over and comment!


Melinda and Matt said...

You do have a requirement that each commenter include their favorite post--maybe they don't like any of your posts ;)

colleensewnsew said...

I love all of your posts, so I couldn't think of a favorite -- also, I didn't know if Mom's were excluded from the contest! However, if I win, I might have to post on my blog and make something. It should be easy, because I don't have many readers!