Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daddy and Daughter

This past week Abigail's preschool had "Daddy Day" where all the Dads came to preschool with the kids, they played games, did a project, read a book, and gave their Daddies a present.

Abigail made this sign about her Daddy.

My Daddy's name is... Kydon
His eye color is... Brown
His hair color is... Black
My Daddy weighs... 5 ... pounds
My Daddy is... 25 ...years old
His favorite food is... vegetables
For fun my Daddy likes to... Chase people
His job is... work on computers
My favorite thing to do with my Daddy is... Go to restaurants, especially CiCi's.
I love my Daddy because... He does fun things with me.
She always talks about his hair being black, not brown. We were a little mystified by the vegetables being his favorite food, but we figure maybe it is because we are always trying to sell vegetables to them-- "oh, broccoli is so delicious! It is my favorite! Do you want to try it?"
Kydon's special thing to do with the kids is take them to CiCi's pizza- they love it and Mommy usually stays at home and gets a little break. The kids all look forward to it so much! And Kydon doesn't really like to chase people, but Abigail loves to be chased- it was cute she put that in!


Cecilee said...

I LOVE that picture of Kydon and Abigail. That is so cute. And wow! She is a great artist! That is amazing. I love that kind of thing. Aren't Daddies the best? My girls love it when their Daddy chases them too.

So, a Food Storage question.... Are your cannery packages in #10 cans? If so, they are better than the bags of flour because they will last longer (don't you think?)

Valeni said...

I love the picture of Kydon and Abigail together, and the one Abigail drew is so cute too! How lucky she is to have a daddy like Kydon....and her information about him was very interesting. Thanks for sharing their special day together at preschool.

Erika said...

Oh that cute Abigail. I love how she expresses herself and that picture of Kydon and her is so cute!

Shanna said...

At the cannery I had just bought the bags of flour. I thought that it would be cheaper, since it was the cannery and not a store, but I should have checked the prices first.

It would be better to be in cans, but oh well- live and learn!