Sunday, March 22, 2009

Food Friday: Almost there

I was going to take some pictures to go along with this post, but the camera battery is dead. Adding pictures might delay this post by at least 2 more days, and it is already Sunday for my Friday post.

So, just try to use your imaginations! Picture my chest freezer filled to the brim with food.

Picture my one, sad little shelf piled high with food.

Picture a big stack of boxes and cans underneath that shelf, and picture my FIFO shelves full of cans.

My 3 month storage is getting very, very close to being complete. Hooray! I think I am somewhere near 90%! I have started to wonder if it is actually enough food to feed us completely for 3 months, but I am going to wait until I am at 100% before re-evaluating my quantities. We do keep using it, but that is what we are supposed to do. My plan is to take time every 6 months (I'm picking conference weekend) to inventory and rotate my food. Then anything that is lacking I will replace.

Once my 3 month storage is complete, I will refocus to get my freezer meals back in line (they are almost non-existant now), and keep making progress on the 1 year supply of basics.

The 3 month storage has been by far the most difficult and frustrating part of this process, and it is a huge sense of accomplishment that my goal is within reach.


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

WOW...that is a huge accomplishment! Good for you. Thanks for inspiring me to get on the 3 month bandwagon.

Laine said...

i needed this post today. i have to get this accomplished for our family....okay,here I go! :) thanks shanna

Kelly said...

Hey, awesome! Keep up the good work. I also love your determination in doing a Friday post, even if it comes in on a Monday, or a Sunday. Keep up the good work.

You are reminding me that I need to reevaluate my food storage also. Thanks for your inspiration.

The Petersons said...

That's awesome! It really didn't seem to take you very long since you first started posting about it either.

Kim said...

I too am way inspired... now I just need to turn the inspiration to perspiration. We have a meager storage which at this point even it is dwindling. I like the 6 month (conference) evaluation method. You're just full of good ideas.