Friday, March 13, 2009

Food Friday: Who cares??

Ok, I am still totally obsessing over my food storage gathering, but I can't really write a whole post about 'yep, still gathering the 3 month stuff'.

So I'm not really feeling it!

I did go to the cannery. I stocked up on some things like 25 lb bags of flour and sugar. Then went to Sam's Club later that day and realized ALL of those items were cheaper at Sams. Granted, I only overpaid by about $12 total, but for some reason it really, really, really bugged me.

Ok, so there is my lame-o post. Do any of you want to do my post for me? Feel free to write books in the comment section!

1 comment:

erika said...

ooooh that would really really really bug me too! (About overpaying)
I hate when stuff like that happens. And these days $12 is a lot!