Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Does Grandma Help us?

In Primary this year, we are talking about families. Today we talked about what different members of your families do to help you. My kids were pretty uninterested in the whole topic. They were much more interested in kicking their neighbors, falling off their chairs, and trying to create their own excitement.

Until the question was asked "How does our Grandma help us"?

Then one child of mine got really excited. They put their hand in the air and pumped it up and down, bouncing and waving to get called on.

The leader called on this child. And got a little more than she bargained for:

"If you have a poop problem, Grandma will help you get cleaned up and then go get Mommy".

Can anyone guess what happened at my Mom's house the last time we were there?


erika said...

As someone who serves in the Primary myself, I think I would have fallen out my chair laughing on that one AND posted it on my blog. HILARIOUS!!!!
Your kids are too funny!

Merilee said...

Well, is there anything more important then having your grandma help you with your poop? What a good grandma!

mommymuse said...

Man, I need a Grandma at my house!

Adam and Lisa said...

If grandma can't help you with a poop problem, who can?

Valeni said...

Grandma's really don't mind doing whatever the kids glad you were talking about us in primary. We love being able to be a part of the kids' lives.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for a good laugh! And they got to the deeper meaning- families help you with the things other people would run the other way from.