Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Preschool Games

We have found 2 fun games lately that are helping us learn some things.

First, from the wonderful and cute flipflops and applesauce blog, we found a fun number recognition game. My kids were more interested in finding the monkey than learning numbers, but hopefully it will help anyway!

Our other game is learning left and right. We drive around in the car, and they get to take turns choosing 'left, right, or straight'. My mom's neighborhood is perfect for this game- lots of winding, overlapping roads, big enough that we can go for a long time, and I know it well enough not to get lost! When I am in a hurry and can't spend an hour driving around, they take turns guessing which way I'm going to turn. And they are getting very good at knowing right from left!

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Opp Family said...

The left/right game - what a great idea! Especially if there's not a gas shortage in GA! I try to say which way we're turning every time I turn in hopes that it's possibly sinking in :)