Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bubbles- A Different Approach

I had a little bit of bubble juice left, but we couldn't find the little wand to make the bubbles. After a few minutes scrounging through the toy bin, I had the idea to use straws.

They worked great! Just dip the straw into the soap, then blow- it makes the cutest little tiny bubbles. Of course, my kids are maniacs creative, and they have to think of a messier different way to do things! They started blowing into the straws (at least they didn't try to suck them- well, not that I know of), and it made these huge piles of bubbles.

They were having a great time! Yes, I had to change their clothes, but it was totally worth it!

Keeping it real: Right after I took this last picture, Abigail spilled over Jack's cup, and her own. Jack started crying, Abigail was so mad that she dumped over Aidan's too. Then they were all crying. I went inside to set down the camera, and they stopped crying.

The reason they all stopped crying is because they thought of a new way to get even messier play with the bubbles- smearing them all over their heads and hair. I got mad, dunked all their heads in the kitchen sink, changed all the clothes, and turned on the TV.

The entire episode from handing them the bubbles to turning on the TV was less than 10 minutes.


Countless Tomorrows said...

Frustrating, and yet each picture with their smiles is priceless. Watch out, now they will start blowing bubbles in everything!

mommymuse said...

Sounds like life at our house :)

Kelly said...

Hey, if they try to swallow the bubbles, then I guess it is their tough luck huh?

Now it will be bubbles in the juice and soda pop and milk. That will make dinner a lot more interesting.

ali said...

Isn't it amazing how fast kids get dirty? Or in your case, a little too clean ;)

Rebecca said...

Great idea on the bubbles! Thanks for the keeping it real part... because that is how most of our activities turn out.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

The whole thing had me laughing, but the last line is the BEST! Thank God it makes good blog fodder!