Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun, Once Again

We usually remind the Easter Bunny to leave the baskets on Saturday, but I forgot to remind that pesky little rabbit, so we got them on Sunday. Gotta love a morning filled with candy and excitement, then trying to get them to sit still for a little over an hour.

Anyway, here are the baskets I made for them:
Just a little lot of felt, 3 ice cream buckets, and some time. They turned out ok, but not as cute as I thought they would. I still need to cover the handles- maybe next year.

We have a tradition of putting new socks and undies in their Easter baskets. Plus a little candy and a toy. Jack and Aidan got red Monster Trucks, and Abigail got a gumball machine. I was cracking up, because they were all REALLY excited about the new undies! Trying it on, looking at all the patterns, it was so funny and cute!

They also each got a huge sucker in their favorite color. Too bad they each took one lick and threw them in the trash. See the lick above? That was the only one. Lesson learned.
Saturday was our second and best egg hunt, at Grandma's, of course. Here are all the cousins lined up and ready to go. Aidan was freaking out because he was in the bathroom and didn't want to miss it!
I almost got trampled trying to get in front of all of them to get this picture!

Baby Aaron wasn't too impressed with the whole thing. His finger was much more interesting.
I tried to get some cute pictures of the egg hunt, but I basically suck at taking pictures. Here are a couple:

The kids each got a prize- a foam shooter. They loved it! Oh, and also more candy than they could possibly eat, although they gave it a good try.

The egg hunt was followed by a yummy picnic.
Jack spent a huge amount of time hitting wiffle balls with this bat. He stayed out there for as long as there was someone to throw them for him. He was pretty darn good, hitting a lot of the balls, and one he hit hard enough that it broke the ball!
I took this picture from Lisa's blog, since it was better than the ones I took. I love the way he stuck out his tongue every time he hit the ball.

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