Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food Friday: Continuing the quest

I am continuing my quest for food storage. I have started to realize that I probably won't ever be 100% finished with my 3 month storage list. I was around 95%, but then I took inventory over the weekend, and I was back down to around 80%. The point is to use the food, and I use it plenty.

I have been frustrated a few times, thinking I had made more progress than I have, or some of my progress was negated by using up what I had bought.

I guess my point is that I have come to realize it is a lifestyle and not a goal. Getting to this point was a goal that I could set, and mark off, and get 'complete', but in order to keep it up, I will constantly be buying items on my list. Always. It is a lifestyle- stock pile food, use some, replenish, use some, replenish. That is the way it is supposed to be. I was thinking of it more like something I could 'complete', rather than a new way of living.

I also bought 50 lbs of popcorn. And now I really, really want to make Carmel Corn. I'm trying to resist, but I am weak. I often have this problem.

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colleensewnsew said...

Resist, resist and thanks for putting the carmel corn idea into our brains!