Friday, April 17, 2009

Food Friday: Make it cute

Who wants ugly food storage?? Not me! So I took some Mod Podge, and some scrapbook paper, printed out some signs on my computer, and now they are cute!

Don't you love how it matches the red gamma seal lid? You can buy the lids in all different colors! And I had to go to 3! Different! Stores! to find red and white scrapbook paper. Isn't that silly? And isn't it silly that I kept going to more stores? Whatever... at least it is cute now!

I plan to use a different color for each item.

Eventually I want one of these shelves:

And I will label it with these:

My labels will say something like "Peaches: 24 cans" That will make inventory so easy! And of course I will use some scrapbook paper and cute ribbon. It might take me 6 months to get it done, but I will do it!
I am super proud to say that I am 100% on my 3 month storage. Now I need to evaluate if it really is enough food to make it 3 months. I plan to revisit my menu plan and check my quantities. Also, I need to make some progress on my other goals- more water storage, freezer meals, and long term storage of basic items.


Melinda and Matt said...

great--so now I don't only have to feel bad because I can't decorate my house, now I have to feel bad about not decorating my food storage???? lol

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Wow! Just wow!

Trent Family said...

Your cute labels are the perfect example of finding joy in the little things we do. You will have the best looking food storage ever! Woo Hoo!!

Shanna said...

Ha, ha- you should see the rest of the basement! It is a disaster down there, but I like little projects like this. :)

And Sue- is your picture seriously that green?? I thought it was just my monitor, but everything else looks normal. It is eye-catching! ;)