Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Results From Day One

Day One of no TV was pretty horrific.

It didn't help that we had been out of town for the weekend, so they were all hyped up and sleep deprived.

We don't normally watch *that much* TV, usually about an hour or hour and a half. But it calms the kids, keeps them happy, and I can get things done. About 1:30 I really, really almost caved. But I decided to try to make it just 30 more minutes, and of course it did get a little better. The worst part was just that I did not get one.thing.done. I was hoping to unpack our bags, do laundry, dishes, etc. Instead I just ended up running around cleaning up the disaster zones they left behind all day.

The did have a little more learning happening than if they had been watching TV. Things they learned yesterday:
  • If you push your bed out of place, then pull all the sheets and blankets off of every bed into a big pile, then pull every item of clothing out of every drawer and add it to the pile, it makes a fun cushion to jump into. Also, it makes Mommy mad. (Why do they love to keep doing this??)
  • If you are having rice for lunch, they discovered that you can take a big bite of rice, hold it in their mouth for a minute, then blow/spit it onto their siblings. It makes nice sticky confetti and makes the victim scream and cry. Also, it makes Mommy mad.
  • If you find some leftover yarn, you can use it to string up the entire house. From room to room, over and under everything you can think of, tied and wrapped and almost impossible to unravel. Also, it makes Mommy laugh.
  • If you really, really want to play with water balloons, and Mommy keeps saying no, you can ask enough times that she will eventually wear down and let you. However, if you refuse to clean up the blanket/pillow/clothing mess, you will have to stay inside and scream while your sister (who did help) gets to go out by herself and throw balloons at whatever.
  • If you get a brand new bottle of bubbles, then immediately dump it on the ground without even blowing one bubble, you won't get a new bottle. Also, it makes Mommy mad.

I hope that today is better. I hope that yesterday was just a 'detox' day, with sleep and TV and back to normal, and that today will be blissfully peaceful with children playing nicely with toys, using their imagination and not making messes.

Hey, I said I was *hoping*. :)

Also, TV is almost impossible to avoid. I accompanied my mom to the Doctor yesterday, and sat in the waiting room for 30 min before I realized that I had been watching TV the whole time. And, we won't make it a whole week, because this weekend we are going to North Carolina, and you can be sure I will turn on the DVD player while we drive!!


Trent Family said...

Why endure the pain? I say turn on the tube!

bellebearberry said...

It can be done - We went from April - August without a TV and now we haven't had one since early February.

Of couse, we are not completely screen free - this time around - I figured out I could let them watch movies on the computer. So when I absolutely needed to get something done, I could. BUT....

Seriously - DETOX will take about a week and then you should be good. If they don't see the TV as something to do - they quit asking.

Now, I will let them play Starfall on the computer and the occasional Leapster for the little ones or DS for the big ones. Screen time is screen time.

I seriously think kids are fine without the TV - it is for parents to stay sane. The times when I really miss it is when I need a moments peace.

mommymuse said...

I'm wincing in sympathy for you! What is it about piling everything they own into huge mounds for jumping? My kids do that, too and it drives me CRAZY! Especially when they whine that they are too little to clean it all up...what??? Like it didn't take you a full hour just to get that mess made? AUGH!

Be strong! I'm watching your TV-free experiment with great curiosity :)

ali said...

isn't this when our parents used to lock us outside to play?

wait--have I said too much?

Jen said...

This makes me happy that I forgot all about tv-free week...good luck I hope the rest of the week goes more smoothly for you!

Rebecca said...

Hahahaha! If it makes you feel any better my kids have done all of the above. No, I guess that probably doesn't help.

I'm not participating in no tv week exactly, except that Mark is grounded from tv, wii and computer games all week and to keep him from having to spend tv time alone in his room, we are keeping it off more than usual.