Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break Equation

1 sleepover at Grandma's
2 playdates
1 cousins party at our house
1 trip to the zoo (- 1 kid who got lost) x 9 kids age 7 and under
1 trip to Stone Mountain (x 8 kids age 7 and under)
/ (divided by)

3 sick kids with coughs and runny noses (x 1 with a fever)
[factoring in]
Family pictures and Easter festivities
Spring Break.

Too bad they all declared it to be 'bo-wing'


ali said...

that was cute. Gabe's spring break is coming up and my husband and my parents will all be out of town... I think that might = insanity for me.

Melinda and Matt said...

wow...our spring breaks sounded amazingly similar :) my kids said they were amazed because they thought it was just going to be cleaning the basement...I guess when you have low expectations you can't go anywhere but up!

Rebecca said...


I was so ready to get those boys to school today. :)

PS we had a lost kid at the mall during spring break too. It was a very brief loss, but it was traumatic! For both me & the lost kid.