Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The twin bond

My mom always takes the kids out for a special "day with Grandma" for their birthday. She called today to invite Jack and Aidan on theirs, because their birthday is coming right up. She invited Jack to go on Thursday, and Aidan to go on Friday. They were excited, and we were talking about it all morning.

On the way to pick up Abigail from preschool, I glanced back at the boys, and saw huge tears running down Aidan's face. He was sobbing, and was completely devastated about something. It is not often I see him this overwhelmed with grief. I asked him what was the matter, and he said "I gonna miss Jack! I want to go together with Grandma!"

I asked Jack what he thought, because I didn't want him to not get special alone time if he wanted it. I said "Jack, what do you want to do- go by yourself, or go with Aidan?" He replied "go with Aidan, because otherwise, who I play with?"

I called Grandma, and she was very fine with taking them together. I told them the good news, and they laid across each other's car seats and were hugging each other and cheering! It was so cute! Didn't you always want a twin? They are best friends, and they hate being apart!


Emily said...

Okay. That is so cute! I did always want a twin, what a cute thing!

ali said...

oh, that's so sweet!

Rebecca said...

That is SO sweet!!!