Thursday, May 21, 2009

Food Friday: Organization

This week I made a major step: I purchased a big, strong shelf, and organized all most of my food storage.

This is my 3 month storage at a glance. Once I get my cute labels finished, it will be SO easy to do my inventory and see what I need. I still need to revisit my menu plans and make sure it really is enough food. It doesn't look like much on this shelf, but I have to remind myself that each of the FIFO shelves holds 12 cans, so a lot is hidden. I do think I have too much sugar- 10 lbs of powdered, 10 lbs of brown, and 50 lbs of granulated, and that is just in the 3 month supply. I am going to decrease those quantities!

I finished making all the FIFO shelves that I need. Actually, I miscalculated, and I need one more. Always one more...

I still need a few more buckets and gamma seal lids, but I am only 3 away from my goal- I have 3 for flour, I want two for sugar and one for popcorn.

As for the goals I set last week: Zero progress on the freezer meals. Abigail's end of school parties, and my sister and grandparents have taken higher priority, so maybe next week I will make some progress with that. I did pick up some baking powder and baking soda at the store when I went, so I made some progress on my long term storage.

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Cecilee said...

Looks awesome! Good job. I know you must be so happy to see it there, cute labels and all.

btw, you can never have too much sugar!