Friday, May 1, 2009

Food Friday: Question about oil

About a year and a half ago, I got pumped up for food storage, and bought a few items. I then did nothing else until my recent kick. One of the items I bought during that time was oil. I did the calculations, and figured out how much oil a family of 5 would need for a year. I think oil should be one of the 'basics' that you store a year of, because it is so valuable in baking and cooking things.

The problem is that while we use a lot more oil than we used to, since I cook from scratch a lot more, we also don't use as much as what I have stored. It is going bad! I am having to throw away big tubs of oil that are past the expiration date, and that is a big chunk of money.

So does anyone have any ideas for me? Should I only store a 3 month supply of oil instead of a year? Should I just buy it and occasionally throw it out and just count it as something that has to happen in order to have my food storage? What do you do for oil?

I am feeling such a sense of peace and satisfaction from having this supply of food in my home. This week we used the last of 2 items that we don't cycle through that much- jam and mayonnaise. Normally I would have had to put it on my list, and we would have just been out until I got to the store. Now I can say "we have more downstairs". It makes me so happy when I get to say that!!


mspuppers said...

I'm not sure if you're into soapmaking or not, but you may be able to use this oil that way.

(You don't know me - my good friend has a link to your blog on hers).

Jennifer said...

Is the oil actually bad (rancid) or just past the expiration date? You can store some in the freezer. Also what about using less oil for baking. I often substitute applesauce for oil in recipes and it works great. And you could store canned applesauce easier than oil perhaps?

p.s. the soap making idea is a good one. Per's done it if you want some advice.

Shanna said...

I haven't ever made soap. I did recently make some laundry soap, and love it! Maybe I will try some other stuff. Jennifer, I will pick your brain when you come out!

It is actually bad- it smells terrible when you open it.

I love the idea of substituting applesauce. That is much easier to store. I could just beef up how much applesauce I have, and decrease the oil. Great idea!

The Petersons said...

I've heard shortening (like the hard butter looking stuff) has a longer shelf life than oil. But don't quote me on that!

amy said...

Im about to catch up on your blog..Apparently you have some great ideas

Do you know elder Bateman?? He told me to tell you hi!

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm. Rancid oil. I don't miss that smell! (Used to be a massage sheets hazard until I switched to something else!)