Friday, May 15, 2009

Food Friday: Time to get re-motivated

I was so, so happy to finally reach the point of maintaining and rotating my 3 month storage, rather than building it. Since I reached that point, my life in general has become much busier, and my other goals have not had much attention paid to them.

So, it is time to refocus and find some motivation. The remaining goals are water storage, 1 year supply of long term basics, and a 1 month supply of freezer meals.

At one point in this journey, I had my freezer meals completed. However, a lack of focus and my attention to other things caused the supply to dwindle and disappear.

My new focus driven goals are to have my one month supply of meals, completed THIS MONTH. Before June 15th. This will be difficult, no doubt, but I *can* do it! I find that I work better under at least a little bit of pressure.

I also want to focus on my long term storage of basics. I have an appointment for the cannery in October, and I want to have $300 to spend when I am there. This is significantly more than I have had in the past, but I should be able to save up that money without too much difficulty in that amount of time. Also, before I go in October, I want to have purchased the things that are on my list that I can't buy at the cannery, namely oil, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and yeast.

This week I made BBQ Meatballs and made enough to put some away in the freezer. I will be making tamales, and fried rice next week. I might think of a couple more to try. I will need to put about 7 meals into the freezer each week in order to make my goal. If I cook a freezer- friendly meal 3 times per week, I should be able to make it.

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