Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Girl Can Ride!

Abigail learned how to ride her bike this week! With NO training wheels!

She picked it up really, really fast. She wanted to try, because Caroline (older cousin) can now ride her bike. After the first couple of tries, she wanted the training wheels back on- it was too hard.

So I simply said "that's okay- Caroline didn't learn until she was 7, and you are only 5. We'll try again when you are older".

She immediately picked it back up, and within about 15 minutes, she was pedaling faster than I could run! (I sometimes know what to say to get the motivation flowing).

She only fell once.

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Dane said...

I'm missing important stuff already... it's so sad. Laura and I talk about missing y'all and Atlanta all the time. We got the pics back from the disposable cameras at the wedding and there are some good ones of the kids (and some funny ones taken BY the kids). At least now you have another blog follower since I can't be there in person.