Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How many times do I have to tell you? Take two

Here are the things I find myself repeating at least a million times a day:

  • Stop crying

  • Put on your clothes

  • Yes, you can have a snack

  • I don't have any candy or gum

  • Stop crying

  • What did I ask you to do?

  • Stop hitting

  • Keep your hands to yourself

  • I will not listen to crying

What do you find yourself saying over and over and over?


The Petersons said...

I never thought I would have to say this and it's a little embarrassing to admit. But, I have to tell my Tayvin "We don't drink our bathwater!!" almost twice a week. YUM

Rebecca said...

Close the door. Close the door. Close the door. I don't know why it's sooooo hard to remember to close the door when they go outside, to close the fridge door when they get a drink, or the pantry when they get a snack. Drives me crazy!

Melinda and Matt said...

I don't understand whining--if you want to talk to me just talk.

Don't yell at me from across the house--come look at me when you talk

pick up your clothes

don't leave things on the floor that Aaron can't have

Close your door if you don't want Alex to play with your things.

Shanna said...

I always have to tell them not to drink bathwater AND pool water- and they are way older than Tayvin!

Ah yes- shut the door. Another classic! Also, we have "don't climb my fridge!"

Whining- don't even get me started. It is the current bane of my existence.

Cecilee said...

"why are you crying?"

"Use words. Stop whining."

Sounds like we are all in the same boat. I'm also sick of hearing from THEM: "What can I do?" If the response in not what they want to hear, she repeats OVER AND OVER, "What can I do?"

Drives me INSANE.

Adam and Lisa said...

Please, Ellie hold still so I can pick your boogers.

mommymuse said...

"Crying doesn't make anything better."

"Eric, get back in YOUR bed!"

"We don't say that word in our family."

"Don't cry at me."

"Do you need to go potty? Are you SURE you don't need to go potty?"

Kelly said...

The only thing I would add to your very thorough list is, "GO AWAY"!

Hannah said...

It seems I speak all these words every day!