Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saving Money

No, not me- the kids!

Jack and Aidan got a little birthday money from their Great Grandma. I always encourage them to put it in their banks and think of what they are saving for. This time it produced a pretty funny conversation.

Aidan, ever the consistent one, continues to save for a mission. He wants to teach mean guys about Jesus. I suspect that he is more interested in meeting the mean guys than he is about their salvation, but it is a noble goal nonetheless.

Jack always tells me something different. This time he told me he was saving to buy his own fire truck, to park at his fire truck house.

Aidan: "Jack, how you gonna get da fire truck out of the store? The doors are really small"

Jack: "I gonna buy it from a fire truck store. Dey have bigger doors there".

I love watching their little minds work and see them figuring things out!


Rebecca said...

So cute! Jack's got it all worked out! :)

Jennifer said...

Shanna, I sent them cards and $ too, but forgot a stamp on one so I just resent it. Just so you know I didn't forgot they have the same b-day :)