Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two Different Points of View

My reaction: Oh, geez, it is 6:00 in. the. morning. The last thing I want to do is head to the beach. Sandy, messy, exhausting.
Their reaction: We are finally here, and awake, and we cannot wait one. more. minute to go experience the fun!
My reaction: Oh, this beach is kind of dirty. Seaweed everywhere, cold wet sand... not like the pristine Florida beaches I am used to.
Their reaction: AWESOME! Look at all the cool seashells! Look at all the seaweed! I have always wanted to see seaweed. Hey- see seaweed! It rhymes!

My reaction: The water is cold. And wet. I don't want to get wet. I wish I could just stay on the sand and not get in the water.
Their reaction: Complete joy! Giggles, squeals, shouts for joy. Laughing hysterically with every wave that crashed over them.

My reaction: What a mess. Now I have to dry out and clean up toys, clothes, shoes, swim suits. I have to try not to get any sand in the rental house. We all need baths. This is so much work.
Their reaction: Mommy, that was the most fun I've ever had.

When did I get so OLD?

Once I was able to ignore my inner 90- year old cranky woman, I had a blast at the beach with the kids. I splashed in the waves, we jumped into them together, we laughed together, and enjoyed the morning. I was SO glad I joined them and stopped all my inner complaining. Childhood can be magical, and today I got to participate in the magic.

Thank you, children.


Kelly said...

Shanna, what a great post. I loved this one. A+++

We need this kind of reminder every once in a while.

colleensewnsew said...

Thanks for reminding me to let that kid out once in a while!

Rebecca said...

As much as I LOVE going to the beach I have the exact same thoughts as you do. I'm glad you were able to have fun! I need to remember to quiet my "inner old lady" more often! Great post!

ali said...

I get that way too, I have to remind myself to get my hair wet because my mom never would when we went swimming and it always made me sad.

Looks like you had fun though!

meredith said...

yeah, kids can be awesome teachers.

well, when they aren't calling eachother names and making one another cry,that is. ;)

I love the beach, but I do not get in cold water...ever.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a inner cranky old woman! The beach sounds just like our oregon beaches- cold, windy, seaweed, shells, crab shells, and various other creatures. Not the place to work on a tan, but amazing and beautiful:)

Adam and Lisa said...

Remember how we used to say that mom let that old cranky lady out? I can totally relate to the crankiness, but I am trying to relax more and not worry so much!!

Cecilee said...

Good for you Shanna. We all need to remember to experience the joy of childhood more often. Its hard when you are responsible for the after-math though.