Monday, May 18, 2009

A Zoo with no Animals

My sister and grandparents are in town this week. We have been having fun family get togethers and a lot of fun times. Today we went to the zoo. The kids all had a great time. Although, I don't think they realized that the zoo actually has animals.
They loved all of the cute statues throughout the park. We stopped at every single one, and had to touch, climb, and take pictures.
As soon as we got inside the zoo gate, they couldn't wait to get onto the playground. We spent some time there, then ate some lunch. After lunch we went to the petting zoo. While there, the kids were fixated on two things. The first was the proximity of the train tracks. They were so excited to see the tracks- and we got a special treat when the train came by.
Isn't it thrilling?

The second fixation was the elimination habits of the animals in the petting zoo. The poop on the ground was quite fascinating, and much more interesting than any of the animals walking around. They even wanted a picture of it.
We were treated to a special surprise when a pig walked all the way across the area, stood right in front of our group, and took care of business.

Fascinating, isn't it?
We then rode the train.

Followed by the carousel.

And the rock climbing wall.
Finally, after almost 3 hours of being at the zoo, we ventured over to where the animals live. No matter, though. The statues, rocks, and benches were much more interesting than any of the wildlife they might have been exposed to.

This grate in the path kept the attention for quite a while. Nevermind the playful and interesting monkeys right behind it.
Gorillas who were eating and fighting and were playing with the babies? Not interesting.

A gorilla statue? Very interesting.

Lions and zebras and giraffes and rinos? Not nearly as cool as a fake volcano statue.

Boy, I sure am glad we paid extra and bought the one year pass. I mean, why wouldn't we want to drive for 30 minutes to go to a different playground?


ali said...

Love it!

Is this the kind of fun I can expect when I come visit?

Adam and Lisa said...

Awesome. I personally love the picture of Abigail. Hilarious!! Was grandma as interested in the poop as the rest of them?

Shanna said...

Ali- yes, that is the sort of 'fun' we have around here! There is a lot of talk about poop, pee and whatever else comes out of the body. Hope you're ready! :)

Lisa- unfortunately, we witnessed the poop before Grandma joined us. I know she was feeling deprived. Maybe next time she will get lucky!

Cecilee said...

Kids are just so unpredictable. You can never know what they will like/dislike. Atleast they had fun! Glad you had someone come visit YOU for a change instead of you guys having to go somewhere.

Shanna said...

Yes, it is very nice to have visitors! My sister left this morning, and I miss her already. You guys are welcome anytime! :)

Kelly said...

It makes you stop and enjoy all of the little things, right?

The zoo there is really quite fantastic. I am sure they will get the hang of things the more you go.

Rebecca said...

That is so funny! It's absolutely true! Your post made me think of 2 places we have to visit if you ever make it to FL again. :)

Jen said...

This is totally my kids at the zoo when they were smaller. I love it now when we go and they try to interest Liam in the animals instead of all the other cool stuff there.

ali said...

It actually does sound fun--all but the animal poop part :)

Jessica said...

How fun to have Grandpa and Grandma visit! Cute pictures :-)

Adam and Lisa said...

hmmm...Rebecca said that this post reminded her of 2 places she wants to take you. Much of the post was talking about animal poop. I don't think I would want to find out what places that reminded her of... ;)

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Ohhh this is SO FUNNY!!!