Monday, June 29, 2009

5 years in the making

Last night I made a significant step in the progress of a quilt. I took out all the paper from the back- meaning that all the applique on this quilt is FINALLY finished!!

I had no idea when I started that this would be such an ambitious project. Each of the petals is an individual piece.

I started this quilt 5 years ago! I pull it out, work on it as long as I can, then it gets put away for a while. Every time I pull it out, I seem to make great progress. One time I pieced all the diamond edges. Other times I got all the applique ready, once I pinned them all on and started sewing the applique.

I think sewing the applique took 3 efforts of pulling it out, working, and putting it back away.

Last night, I realized it was finally, finally coming all together. At this stage, I only need to sew 4 easy seams, and I will be ready to put the borders on.
I can hardly believe it.

I first saw it in a magazine, and it just was so beautiful! I knew I had to make it.

I then thought it might make a cute baby quilt, but it seemed very 'girlish', so whenever someone in the family was expecting a girl, I would pull it out again, and try to finish it in time.

Then, when the baby girl was born, and there was no hope of finishing the quilt, I would put it back away for a while.

Now that I am this close, I don't know if I can give it away! It might be just the perfect thing to hang in Abigail's room.
I could stare at it forever. I love it.

Luckily, we had Kydon's parents visiting last night, and I was able to use their camera.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:
  • Food. We have made some really good food lately, and we are well stocked on our food storage, and grocery shopping is fun. I am really loving food right now.
  • Our vegetable garden. I give Kydon 100% of the credit. We have over 40 tomatoes that are growing and will hopefully turn red soon, we have an abundance of cucumbers (eating one right now), and our first little yellow squash is starting to grow.
  • After having a toddler for a few hours, it makes me appreciate how mine are somewhat self-sufficient. I forgot how much you have to watch and manage and maintain a toddler! 4 and 5 year olds are much easier, in that respect.
  • Having family close by. Even better, having family close by with swimming pools. Thanks Lisa, Catherine, and Melinda, for keeping us cool!

The Bad:

  • We have slipped back into watching too much TV. I need to regain control over that seductive box.
  • Going through a phase where it is impossible to take the kids to public places. They scream, shout, and run away. Now that it is summer, and they are all home, my errand running and getting things done has been severely impaired.

The Ugly:

  • Church is a nightmare. Aidan throws a screaming fit the whole time we are there. As soon as we walk in the chapel, they all immediately rip through the church bag, spilling everything, and making a huge mess (despite all of our rules for them to *not* do that). Then we have to take Aidan out, and monitor Jack and Abigail, it is a true 3 ring circus. We can't control them in any sense of the word. Jack and Aidan go crazy in class, I watch their teachers wrestling them and trying (in vain) to get them to do what they are supposed to. It is ugly.
  • I miss my camera. Why is it that it will sit for weeks without being used, and then as soon as it is gone, I find myself wanting to take pictures every five minutes.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did I mention my camera is broken?

I have a few posts that I want to do, but they are the sort of thing that are much better with pictures than with words, and my camera is broken. Gone. Shipped off to be fixed. I wish it would just totally die, and our warranty would run out and we would be *forced* to buy a new one. But we are too cheap to buy a new one when we can get the old crappy one fixed for free.

So it is off, and we should *hear something* in the next 30 days or so. Unless my eyeballs explode and I run to a store in desperation, because the kids did something cute or annoying and I HAD t0 capture it on film. And please don't bring up the video camera. The video camera is easy, and beautiful, and friendly, but I don't like to use it. Please don't ask me why. I may have to revert to saying 'eh, as if I didn't hear you.

Today's picture bounty would include my new plastic containers that make things like flour, sugar, and black beans look SO pretty in my pantry.

And my adorable little niece, whom we all just love to pieces, but she does not love us, and is crying at the door for her beloved Mommy to come home. I just love a picture of a really, really sad baby.

It just isn't the same without the pictures.

If you are bored today, you can head over to Deep South Moms and read my article about the education of our children.

If you are really generous today, you can buy me a new camera.

If you are really sympathetic, you can come over and rescue my niece, because I have tried everything I can think of to get her to stop crying, and it isn't working, so I just let her stand at the door while I blog.

If you are really into torturing yourself, you can come over tonight and help me night-train Jack and Aidan. Just imagine depriving them of liquid refreshement (their only happiness) for a few hours before bed, *waking them up* to go potty (and thereby breaking the NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING CHILD commandment), then sitting with them for 2 hours while they cry themselves to sleep because I *still* won't give them a huge glass of water, then they wake up with wet beds anyway. Anybody up for some torture? Because I could use the sleep.

Hmm.... I guess that's all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Choosing a Winner!

So, I know you are all dying to know who won...

The funniest blog entries were from my niece, Caroline, and from my brother, Russ, who set up a blog just to get another entry!

There were just over 40 entries (and I didn't give a seperate entry to those who said they blogged about it but didn't). I checked them all!!

Now, how I picked the winner... because not every comment was a legit entry, and there were some people who left the blog link in with the original comment, I couldn't just use or some other random number choosing method. So I had to go with writing them all on little pieces of paper, cutting them apart, and then I had Abigail choose one out.

And our stupid, constantly breaking camera (don't buy a coolpix- ever! And the only reason we still have ours is that 2 years ago, when we bought the camera, we also bought the extended warranty, which we normally never buy, but this one has paid big time in that we have had 4 new cameras in 2 years, but unfortunately, they have all been coolpix which seem to have a lifespan of 4-6 months). Where was I? Oh yea, our camera broke AGAIN, and we had to send it off to be repaired. So I have no pictures. You will have to just believe me that I performed the selection with the utmost integrity and thought to detail (I tried my hardest to get all the papers the same size).

Do you feel the anticipation building? Is the suspense killing you?

Anyway, just picture a cute little 5 year old, with some severe bed head and a strawberry shortcake shirt, pulling out a piece of green construction paper from a bowl (hey- don't laugh. Construction paper is EVERYWHERE lately, and I didn't feel like standing up and getting a piece of grown-up paper when there was a perfectly used colored on good one right next to me).

Then the next picture would show the name.

(I'll put it in green to help you imagine the construction paper)

Congratulations!! I will send your email address to the people at Great Wolf Lodge, and they will contact you with all the details!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Other Kid

Don't forget to enter the contest for a free night stay at Great Wolf Lodge!

In addition to the kid who sings his heart out, when there is a performance that involves children, it also seems like there is That Other Kid. The non-cooperative kid who will *not* do what anyone wants him to, no matter what.

The one who tries to touch every piece of sacrament bread, and when you take the tray away, he throws a complete 4-year-old fit, throwing himself on the ground and screaming and crying.

And tries to kick you and hit you as you try to wrestle carry him out.

And continues to scream so loudly in the hall that everyone in the meeting can still hear him.

And continues to scream, and cry, and roll around on the floor (having long ago kicked off his shoes and socks), so that everyone there walks by with a smile of pity.

Yea, we have one of those too.

Aidan wouldn't even come in the room, never mind get up on stage and sing! It was never gonna happen.

**Have any of you ever heard of "The Terrible Fours'?" Aidan was pretty even tempered at age 2, and age 3 wasn't bad at all. But 4? Yikes... he is going crazy! Temper tantrums, won't cooperate with anything, doesn't care about bribes or threats, and spends a lot of his time (no matter where we are) rolling around on the floor.

**Also, he got a new Primary teacher a few weeks ago. Church is one of the places where his uncooperativeness seems to shine the best. His teacher is awesome. This week, we spent about 3 hours trying to work with this kid through all his tantrums (some at home, some at church). When it came time for Primary, he is rolling around on the floor, screaming and crying. I am begging, threatening, and trying to wrestle him into the room.

His teacher walks up, says "Aidan, time for Primary. Come on." Aidan then stands up, walks quietly over to his chair, sits down, and remains quiet the.entire.time. I just collapsed in a heap, wondering how the heck she does that!! I pick him up from his class, where he has been participating and behaving, and within 3 minutes he is back to kicking, screaming, fussing, and rolling around on the floor.

I need to learn her secrets. Fast.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

That Kid

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You know how when the Primary children go up to the front to sing a few Father's Day songs? And there is always one kid- That Kid who is up in the front, singing his little heart out?

And he is so loud that probably the people on the street can hear him?

And his facial expressions and bouncing and movement make you realize that he isn't just singing with his voice, he is singing with his entire heart and soul?

And he is just about 3 words behind every one else, so after they all stop, he is still singing his little guts out for the next few seconds?

And everyone there is practically rolling on the floor with laughter?

And you are laughing too, because it is pretty darn funny, but also, it is your kid, and you are pretty darn proud that he knows all the words and is such a cute, funny singer?

Today, we are the parents of That Kid. Good job, Jack!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Great Wolf Lodge is Calling!

Time to announce my fun, exciting news! The Great Wolf Lodge is hosting a giveaway here on my little ol' 3 Cute Kids blog!

You can enter to win!

A 1 night stay at
Great Wolf Lodge - Concord, NC!

This includes 2 days worth of waterpark entrance, and overnight accomodations!

Did I mention the

80,000 Square Foot Waterpark!

We loved our visit to Great Wolf Lodge, and I can't wait for one of you to experience it as well!

Here's how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment! Tell me where you are vacationing this year!
  2. For a second entry, blog about my giveaway and leave a comment with the link!

That's it! I will draw a winner on Wednesday, June 24!

Supergirl and the Mean Guys

We are busy this morning. Super Girl is facing the difficult task of tying the mean guys to the tree!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rules for the Playground

It has already been established that I am not a helicopter parent. Also, I let my kids run wild on the playground.

That is what it is there for.

On the other extreme end of the spectrum is the woman who was at the park with us last week. Well, not with us, just there at the same time as we were. Here are the things I heard her saying:

  • No Running
  • No yelling or shouting
  • No climbing
  • Walk slowly
Poor kid.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good Things Coming Soon!

I'm very excited! I got some information today about a GOOD THING coming soon! Something that will be exciting for you to be a part of!

I'm going to figure out the details tonight, and I will let you know how it works!!

Here is a clue!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Friday: Why I do it

Ok, I know it's Monday. I wasn't even very busy, I just haven't gotten around to posting! Sometimes you just get what you get...

Yesterday I went to a meeting titled "Gourmet Food Storage". I was a little excited, because I was hoping to come away with some recipes and ideas and some motivation. It was a loooong meeting- 2.5 hours. I'm not used to sitting still for that long!

The people who presented were pretty amazing. They had all kinds of crazy things they put in bottles and preserved. But, to be honest, about the time they started telling how to coat eggs in Crisco and store them for a year, I leaned over to my sister and whispered "This is why people think Mormons are crazy".

It was just too much for me. Canned meat? Yuck. (Disclaimer: I do have 12 cans of chicken in my storage, some tuna and 6 cans of salmon). Baking bread in a jar? No thanks. Canning butter and preserving eggs? I think I will just stick to my rice, beans, and applesauce, thank you. And I prefer paper money with no *real* value to silver coins for my emergency fund.

Maybe I'm just not there yet. I doubt I ever will be, but who knows.

Also, whenever I hear plugs or information about gathering food storage, there is a lot of 'doomsday' talk. Preparing for horrendous events that ARE COMING SOON. WE CAN'T TELL YOU ANYMORE, BUT THEY ARE COMING.

Yes, I realize that there is a chance I will be involved with some catastrophic event. I also realize that chance is so small as to be almost nothing. I don't store food so that when the world ends I can move to the woods with my family and survive for a year on our bottles and cans.

I store food for 2 reasons.
#1- We have been counseled to do so, and I believe that there are good reasons to follow that counsel. I think my life will be better and easier if I have extra food in my home.
#2- Once I started, I realized what a blessing it is to have extra food! There have been countless times when I haven't been to the grocery store, or need something quick and easy for dinner, or realize I'm out of an ingredient I need for what I was planning to make, and I turn to my supply of food (and recipes) for a quick, easy dinner. When we travel, and come home? I don't have to rush out the minute we arrive at the house to buy food. If it take a day, or two, or 5 before I go shopping, it isn't a big deal. We have plenty to eat.

I have heard the counsel to store food for almost all my life. Most of that time I had no desire or inclination to follow that counsel. I remember very clearly the day I realized I should do it. A woman in church told a story about when there was a storm where she lived, and power was out and roads were closed for a week. She said most of her neighbors and friends were worried about food. She wasn't worried, because she knew they had plenty of food to eat.

Preparing for a year of complete devastation? I just don't buy into all that. But having food on hand to make my life easier and weather a storm with ease? That is something I can get on board with.
Progress this week:
  • I have made a few freezer meals. I think my total is about 10. Not the 30 I hope to have, but good progress all the same.
  • I finished my labels, and put cute little ribbons and tags on my shelf. It looks great!
  • I finally took inventory. Once I had the labels, it was easy to just look at each thing, and see what needed replenishing. I wasn't as depleted as I thought, so that was a relief! I put my list in my purse, and I will replenish it little by little as I go.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Deflecting Intrusive Questions

I mentioned in my ranting post the other day that usually questions don't bother me- even questions that are intrusive/rude or personal. I will tell you why- because I have a way to answer them (usually).

I view questions about our family as a way to educate people. I don't want to just get offended and not answer, because it may be the only or one of limited exposures people have to adoption. I want it to be portrayed as a normal, acceptable, and not something to get in a wad about. Especially when the kids are listening, I want them to hear me talk about adoption with laughter, smiles, and positive energy, rather than getting upset every time someone asks me something.

Here is what I do: I answer questions as if they asked about adoption in general, rather than about my family in particular. Spurred on by all the comments in my post about giving birth after adopting, I wrote a Deep South Moms article called "5 things never to say to an adoptive mother". Here is how I usually respond to those rude/intrusive/offensive comments:

"How much did they cost" This is a great opportunity for deflection. And education. First, I want to correct them asking if my children cost money. So I put a big smile on, laugh a little, and say, well the kids themselves were free, but adoptions can cost anywhere from just a couple thousand to 30k or more. Most people pay somewhere around $15k for a domestic adoption.

See what I did? I corrected them, gave them the information they were probably looking for, and I didn't give them any information about myself or my own particular situation.

"What do you know about her real mom?" Same deal as above, I start by correcting the language "We know a lot about her birthmom, it is an open adoption, so we have met and we know a lot about each other. Some people have a lot of contact and interaction with their birthmoms, and some are in closed adoptions with no contact. There are all different ranges in the adoption world". I used to feel the need to tell them things about our birthmom- I wouldn't want to tell them, but I would feel like that is what they were asking. But, really, most people don't care to actually know details about our particular birthmom, they just are curious about the adoptive mom/birthmom relationship.

I basically do the same with all questions. I keep thinking about the comments from Marchet in the above linked post, whose son has Cystic Fibrosis. She has had some doozies of comments, and I just keep thinking about how I would respond if those things were said to me. My usual response technique would probably work for most things. If someone asked something about her son that she didn't want to answer, she could answer about CF in general instead of specifics about her son.

As for the two comments she mentioned, this is probably how I would answer, depending on my mood. "There will be a cure" I might say something like "I certainly hope so, and there are certainly a lot of fundraising efforts dedicated to finding a cure." If I were feeling irritated and bold, I might ask right then and there if they wanted to contribute some money. :)

And the worst one, "At least he'll live to be an adult". This one still baffles me. I think I would go with Jennifer's idea, to let them know that what they have said is not ok. I would probably say something like "Wow, that sure isn't much consolation, I'm surprised you would say that." or, following my usual formula, you could give statistics about CF. But I don't think I would go there for that one. I would have to just let them know they were out of line!

I read a blog of a woman who has triplets who are 5 and one more kid who is 4. She is hilarious, and I love her post about how she answers questions. Basically she just uses humor and grace, and doesn't worry too much about people saying the wrong thing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can't disguise the smell

I was taking it easy for dinner tonight- some simple scrambled eggs. I decided to make them a little extra special by adding some mozzarella cheese. When I opened the package, Kydon made the comment that the cheese looked a little old. No matter, I threw it on, let it melt, and dished it up for the kids. Aidan walks up, and pulls a face.

"What id dat AWFUL smell?"

It's pretty bad when the 4 year old notices the smell... I had to throw it out and make more.

Kydon and I have been walking around all night asking each other "What is that awful smell?"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Grandma

My Grandma O. is one of the greatest women I know. She has never done anything spectacular (and if she did, no one would ever know, because there is no way she would ever let anyone know it). She has gone about her life, loving her family, and spending her time serving those she loves. She lives a quiet, simple life. She and my Grandpa live in the same house where she raised her 5 kids. She loves to ride in the car, and more than once she has been caught wearing slippers out of the house.

I love my Grandma more than I can explain. Her house always felt like a haven. I have so many fun, amazing memories of her home. Many of my strongest memories of my Grandma are of her cooking. She cooked, and cooked. She hosted countless family dinners, and had the most amazing food. She would cook for days, and sometimes weeks, to prepare for our feasts. No one ever goes hungry when my Grandma is around.

My cousins, Aunts, and Uncles almost all lived in the same city as my Grandparents. Our family, living an hour away, were the "far away" ones. When we came up to visit, we were the ones that got to stay the night, and because of that, I think we often saw more of the prep work that she did than my cousins. I wonder if some of my memories are very different than my cousins, because we were the only family that stayed over. Cousins, who read this blog, please chime in. Did you all ever experience the wonder of her french toast? My mouth waters just thinking about it. Do you remember her freezer covered in pies? I doubt that you remember her boiling dozens and dozens of eggs to be hidden at Easter. What are your favorite memories of her?
Today, I was making potato salad. Potato Salad is one of her classics. Her specialty. She is famous for her potato salad. It was good, is what I'm saying.

Anyway, as I was cutting my potatoes, I was just completely flooded with memories of my Grandma. She was right here, in my kitchen, helping me cut these potatoes. I did it just the way she would have.

I sat in a chair with the bowl in my lap. A flour sack dish towel thrown over my shoulder.

I put all my potatoes in the bowl. After they were diced, I just put the diced pieces in the bowl on top of the unpeeled potatoes. When I was ready for the next potato, I would stir it around a little with my knife and find the next one to be peeled.

I peeled them by holding them in my hand, and pulling the peels off with my paring knife.

My Grandma also liked to drink a Diet Coke now and then. I'm keeping it authentic.

After my potato was peeled, I make one slice down the middle of the potato. All of the slicing is done while holding the potato. And while being very patient with your Granddaughter who is staring at you the whole time asking you exactly how you boil a potato and why you don't use a cutting board.
After my horizontal cut, I made several vertical cuts in the potato.
Then, turning my hand, I used my knife to gently dice the potato. Manuvering my hand to accomodate the shape of the knife and make sure the cuts are complete.

I let the pieces fall into the bowl, giving a few extra chops to the last few left in my hand.

Today, I missed my Grandma. I wish I didn't live 3,000 miles away. I wish I could drive a short, short hour to visit (why did that one little hour seem like such a long trip to us then?). I wish I could pull out her soft, timeworn blankets out of the really high shelf, wrap up in them and play solitare. I wish she was in the kitchen, cooking potato salad. And her macaroni shrimp salad, and the 7 layer cookies. I wish I could run and play in the backyard, daring myself to make the 2 foot leap of faith to go from sitting on the fence to sitting on the low roof. I wish I could sit in the room with her and the adults, listening to their stories and conversations. I wish I could hear her laughter. I wish I could give her a hug and tell her how much I love her. I wish my kids could know how wonderful she is.

I'm not sure why these thoughts and memories are overwhelming me today. Maybe because she was just here for a visit, and I got to talk to her, not nearly long enough, but enough to be reminded what a wonderful person she is. Maybe simply because I will never be able to make potato salad without thinking of her. I can only hope that I can be as humble, loving, and patient as she is.

Monday, June 8, 2009

She's lost it.

No, I'm not talking about myself.... although check back a little later and it might be my turn!

Abigail has had a loose tooth for a month or so. She hasn't really wiggled it, so it was just barely loose. Then I noticed that the permanent one had already broken through and was starting to come in behind it!

I asked my friend what to do, and she told me a story about one of her kids who had a tooth that wasn't coming out. She mentioned it to another friend at church, and that friend just yanked it out!

So, yesterday at church I tracked the woman down! I found her and pulled her outside, and let her loose on Abigail's tooth. :) She didn't get it pulled out, but she made significant progress on the loosening.

Then, at 5:00 this morning, Abigail runs into my room in the greatest excitement with a mouth full of blood, proudly exclaiming that she yanked it out herself!

"I just pulled and pulled as hard as I could and just ump- it came out!"

I took her picture, and when I went to upload it, I found that she had already taken a self-portrait! It was so cute I had to include it!

The only problem is that in all her excitement, she actually *lost* it! We have crawled around on the floor for an hour now, and can't find it anywhere! What does the Tooth Fairy do in that situation? When I was younger, we had a really nice Tooth Fairy, and if we didn't have the actual tooth, we could just leave a note, and we would still get a little money. Kydon grew up with a strict Tooth Fairy- no tooth=no money. He swallowed one once, and got nada.

What does your Tooth Fairy do?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bike Festival

To celebrate Abigail learning to ride a bike, she wanted to have a no-training-wheel-bike competition. After a little spin and tweaking, it became a bike and other wheeled- toys festival. We invited our cousins (and their wheels) over to our house, and had some good times.

We decorated the bikes, then rode them around for all of 2 minutes before the sweltering heat drove us indoors for some lunch and playing with toys.

It figures that every day last week we went swimming, and it was breezy, cloudy and cool, and one day we didn't swim and had an outdoor party instead, and the heat was amazingly unbearable. That is classic poor planning.

But the kids had fun, and we got some good pictures. What more can you ask?

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Friday Rant: Giving Birth After Adopting.

Yesterday, it happened again. I got the 'adoption comment' that I hate more than any other. It isn't something that is personal, or inappropriate to say in front of the kids (I get a lot of those too, but they don't bug me). This comment/story annoys me to no end, because there is nothing I can say as a response. There is no good way to answer the person commenting.

"I know so and so who adopted, and then they got Pregnant!" This is always said with a mix of amazement, encouragement, and expectation. There are variations of this, for example simply saying "As soon as you adopt, you will get pregnant".

The person speaking always has this look on their face as if 1) they are the first person in the world to tell me that this is a possibility, and 2) I am going to have some sort of incredible reaction that they don't want to miss. They expect me to react. But what exactly do they want me to say?

If I say "I hope that doesn't happen", it sounds as if I do not want to be pregnant, and do not want more children. The person then looks at me with a mix of disapointment and shock, and I feel like I have offended them.

If I say "I hope that does happen", it sounds as if I am using adoption as a treatment for infertility, and the only reason I'm adopting is to try and get pregnant. The person again looks at me with a mix of disappointment and shock, and once again, I feel guilty.

The truth of the matter is that I am just fine having never been pregnant. It is not something I long for, or hope for, or feel like I missed out on. I am so over-the-moon happy with my kids, and there is nothing more I would want. I am happy and content with the size of our family, and I am not seeking to add more to our mix.

At the same time, I would welcome a pregnancy. (Yes, it is medically possible, it just hasn't happened in our 12 years of marriage). It would be cool to experience pregnancy, and have a little mini-Kydon running around. I would be happy to have one more child, and it would be fun to have someone to spoil as my 'baby'.

So, in response to the comment, neither of the answers are true. I truly don't care either way. If I get pregnant- cool. If I don't- cool.

But why in the world do people feel the obsessive urge to keep saying this?? Even though we all "know someone" (yes, I know someone too), the number of people who conceive after adopting is statistically almost insignificant- somewhere around 2%, although the exact statistics are difficult to find because there are countless variables that come into play.

When I was actively dealing with infertility and trying to adopt, I would sometimes have the 'verbal vomit' response- I would just spew all kinds of inappropriate personal information about our fertility status to complete strangers. Now I usually just look at them and say "Oh, really". The person then just looks at me, and I just look at them, and we all enjoy the awkwardness.

If you are someone who has told infertile/adoptive parents this, first of all - stop it! And second of all, what do you want us to say? What is it you are looking for? What response are you hoping to get?

If you are someone who has experienced my end of this, what do you say? I know you get it too and it probably bugs you too- how do you respond?

If you don't fit in either of the above categories, but have a good idea for how I can respond, please share!

Thanks for reading. Rant over.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's what he wanted

Jack has been begging for short hair for a long time now. It was time for a haircut a trim, and he ramped up the requests.

"I want really, really short hair, like Daddy, and Aidan. Use the buzzers. All over, like this".

Even though I like to let them choose, I cut his hair the way I like- not too long, not too short, and showing all of his gorgeous curls.

But he kept begging, and begging. And for some reason, I have no problem being strict and mean with the other two, but when Jack begs for things, I have to give in. It must be that smile. Oh, goodness, I can never get enough of that smile.

So, later that day, I cut his hair again. I did it the way he wanted it, and now he is really, really happy.

But I am sad.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For real for REAL?

This past Sunday we ate dinner and stayed to play at my parent's house (a frequent Sunday activity). Abigail got the idea that she wanted to spend more time with them, and decided that a Sunday afternoon just wasn't enough. So she asked me if she could move in and live with Grandma and Grandpa.

I told her it was fine with me if it was fine with them. She was amazed at her good fortune! She was totally in joyous disbelief, and kept saying "For REAL? For real? For real?" She then asked Grandma, who also said yes (Grandma and I sometimes play little games trying to get the other one to be the 'bad guy' who has to say no to things). Once Grandma said yes, she really was on cloud nine!

For real? For real? Really for real? Real? For real? Really real?

It was hilarious. She was even willing to stay when I told her that I wouldn't bring her any of her things. She was begging for a church dress, a pair of pajamas, and a toothbrush, but when I refused, she was willing to stay without them.

She was sad when I decided that I just would be too sad without her, and I had to bring her home with me (Grandma won- I had to be the bad guy).

Too bad it wasn't FOR REAL!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How many times do I have to tell you? Take two

Here are the things I find myself repeating at least a million times a day:

  • Stop crying

  • Put on your clothes

  • Yes, you can have a snack

  • I don't have any candy or gum

  • Stop crying

  • What did I ask you to do?

  • Stop hitting

  • Keep your hands to yourself

  • I will not listen to crying

What do you find yourself saying over and over and over?

Monday, June 1, 2009

It is finished and on the way!

I finished up all the little projects this weekend! I will be visiting the post office later today and sending them off!