Monday, June 29, 2009

5 years in the making

Last night I made a significant step in the progress of a quilt. I took out all the paper from the back- meaning that all the applique on this quilt is FINALLY finished!!

I had no idea when I started that this would be such an ambitious project. Each of the petals is an individual piece.

I started this quilt 5 years ago! I pull it out, work on it as long as I can, then it gets put away for a while. Every time I pull it out, I seem to make great progress. One time I pieced all the diamond edges. Other times I got all the applique ready, once I pinned them all on and started sewing the applique.

I think sewing the applique took 3 efforts of pulling it out, working, and putting it back away.

Last night, I realized it was finally, finally coming all together. At this stage, I only need to sew 4 easy seams, and I will be ready to put the borders on.
I can hardly believe it.

I first saw it in a magazine, and it just was so beautiful! I knew I had to make it.

I then thought it might make a cute baby quilt, but it seemed very 'girlish', so whenever someone in the family was expecting a girl, I would pull it out again, and try to finish it in time.

Then, when the baby girl was born, and there was no hope of finishing the quilt, I would put it back away for a while.

Now that I am this close, I don't know if I can give it away! It might be just the perfect thing to hang in Abigail's room.
I could stare at it forever. I love it.

Luckily, we had Kydon's parents visiting last night, and I was able to use their camera.


Rebecca said...

It's beautiful! You are so talented!

Cecilee said...

Wow! It is amazing. And gorgeous. You SHOULD keep it for Abigail. It would look great in her room. One day maybe I will learn to quilt. That is the one type of sewing I would like to do.

I LOVE the quilt you made for our bed. I actually have it hanging in our living room right now because I don't want the kids messing it up. I always get compliments on it. Maybe it will go back on the bed in a few years when they are older.

Savannah said...

WOW, that is amazing. I wouldn't part with it after all of that work.

I want to get brave and start quilting, but I haven't yet.

ali said...

That is beautiful, Shanna! I'm starting my first applique quilt, and I couldn't give it away if my life depended on it ;)

Emily said...

Yea! It's beautiful. I think you should definitley keep it to remind you how awesome you are! It really is pretty!!!

Shanna said...

hee, hee- I need all the reminders I can get of my own awesomness! ;)

colleensewnsew said...

I love it! Can't wait for you to finish it.

Trent Family said...

Oh! I love it! It is beautiful. I have a quilt that I put a lot of effort in to (you remember the one you helped me with). It's bright and busy, a bit obnoxious. But I love it because of all the work. :) It feels so good to create a quilt.

Jen said...

WOW! let me say that again...WOW! I can't imagine making something like are so talented!

Kelly said...

You cannot give that one away, especially since you love it so much. It is a perfect family heirloom for YOUR family. Enjoy it.

thetallgrl said...

I am in love with this quilt as well! Excellent color choices, it's just a happy quilt. Kudos to you for finding time to work on it and get it done.