Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can't disguise the smell

I was taking it easy for dinner tonight- some simple scrambled eggs. I decided to make them a little extra special by adding some mozzarella cheese. When I opened the package, Kydon made the comment that the cheese looked a little old. No matter, I threw it on, let it melt, and dished it up for the kids. Aidan walks up, and pulls a face.

"What id dat AWFUL smell?"

It's pretty bad when the 4 year old notices the smell... I had to throw it out and make more.

Kydon and I have been walking around all night asking each other "What is that awful smell?"


Rebecca said...

Hehe! It was just last week (I think, all the days are blending together) that I was making a dinner with sausage & feta cheese and Mark asked what smelled like puke. Obviously, no one even tried it.

Jennifer said...

I can relate, today I ate half of my in the fridge too many days before I would admit to myself that it was going bad. (It was just slightly off, and I really didn't have time to get another lunch!) My husband on the other hand throws out anything that has been in the fridge more than a week- preemptive.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Haha! This happened to me last week when I was about to cook a turkey breast that smelled *slightly* off to me. But I stuck it in the oven anyway. Within 20 minutes the kids were asking what the horrible smell was. It stunk up the whole house!!