Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Friday: Why I do it

Ok, I know it's Monday. I wasn't even very busy, I just haven't gotten around to posting! Sometimes you just get what you get...

Yesterday I went to a meeting titled "Gourmet Food Storage". I was a little excited, because I was hoping to come away with some recipes and ideas and some motivation. It was a loooong meeting- 2.5 hours. I'm not used to sitting still for that long!

The people who presented were pretty amazing. They had all kinds of crazy things they put in bottles and preserved. But, to be honest, about the time they started telling how to coat eggs in Crisco and store them for a year, I leaned over to my sister and whispered "This is why people think Mormons are crazy".

It was just too much for me. Canned meat? Yuck. (Disclaimer: I do have 12 cans of chicken in my storage, some tuna and 6 cans of salmon). Baking bread in a jar? No thanks. Canning butter and preserving eggs? I think I will just stick to my rice, beans, and applesauce, thank you. And I prefer paper money with no *real* value to silver coins for my emergency fund.

Maybe I'm just not there yet. I doubt I ever will be, but who knows.

Also, whenever I hear plugs or information about gathering food storage, there is a lot of 'doomsday' talk. Preparing for horrendous events that ARE COMING SOON. WE CAN'T TELL YOU ANYMORE, BUT THEY ARE COMING.

Yes, I realize that there is a chance I will be involved with some catastrophic event. I also realize that chance is so small as to be almost nothing. I don't store food so that when the world ends I can move to the woods with my family and survive for a year on our bottles and cans.

I store food for 2 reasons.
#1- We have been counseled to do so, and I believe that there are good reasons to follow that counsel. I think my life will be better and easier if I have extra food in my home.
#2- Once I started, I realized what a blessing it is to have extra food! There have been countless times when I haven't been to the grocery store, or need something quick and easy for dinner, or realize I'm out of an ingredient I need for what I was planning to make, and I turn to my supply of food (and recipes) for a quick, easy dinner. When we travel, and come home? I don't have to rush out the minute we arrive at the house to buy food. If it take a day, or two, or 5 before I go shopping, it isn't a big deal. We have plenty to eat.

I have heard the counsel to store food for almost all my life. Most of that time I had no desire or inclination to follow that counsel. I remember very clearly the day I realized I should do it. A woman in church told a story about when there was a storm where she lived, and power was out and roads were closed for a week. She said most of her neighbors and friends were worried about food. She wasn't worried, because she knew they had plenty of food to eat.

Preparing for a year of complete devastation? I just don't buy into all that. But having food on hand to make my life easier and weather a storm with ease? That is something I can get on board with.
Progress this week:
  • I have made a few freezer meals. I think my total is about 10. Not the 30 I hope to have, but good progress all the same.
  • I finished my labels, and put cute little ribbons and tags on my shelf. It looks great!
  • I finally took inventory. Once I had the labels, it was easy to just look at each thing, and see what needed replenishing. I wasn't as depleted as I thought, so that was a relief! I put my list in my purse, and I will replenish it little by little as I go.


Jen said...

I'm totally with you Shanna. I'd never even heard of canning butter until I received info about how it can make you really sick...Moderation in ALL things including preparedness.

Valeni said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on food storage. I think the reasons you do it are very valid and correct. Having food on hand does make life easier and more peaceful. I think it does save time and money too, when you don't have to run to the store so much and can adjust your planned meal to something you have on hand if you need to.

eartohear said...

This is my calling right now to help my ward with being prepared. We are focusing on water this month. In AZ this seems to be #1!! If you think its hard to see the rationale at times with families, try convincing young college kids! I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to just start people thinking in that direction! I love the way you put this, and I myself have loved having something to eat when I just couldn't stand the thought of going to the grocery store again!! That's what food storage does for me too! I enjoy your blog :)

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

After 9/11 people everywhere were scared and paranoid, but especially here in Washington and in NY. That same year, we had a tornado, a sniper shooting innocent people who were running errands (we ran REALLY low on groceries then!) and the whole anthrax by mail scare. And just about 2 years later, a hurricane that knocked out power for a week or more. I am totally with you on the food storage stuff! I am definitely not as organized as you, but I am learning a lot from your Food Friday posts. (But, uh, yeah, I won't be coating any eggs in Crisco. Cooked eggs? Ok, maybe I am thinking about it.)