Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For real for REAL?

This past Sunday we ate dinner and stayed to play at my parent's house (a frequent Sunday activity). Abigail got the idea that she wanted to spend more time with them, and decided that a Sunday afternoon just wasn't enough. So she asked me if she could move in and live with Grandma and Grandpa.

I told her it was fine with me if it was fine with them. She was amazed at her good fortune! She was totally in joyous disbelief, and kept saying "For REAL? For real? For real?" She then asked Grandma, who also said yes (Grandma and I sometimes play little games trying to get the other one to be the 'bad guy' who has to say no to things). Once Grandma said yes, she really was on cloud nine!

For real? For real? Really for real? Real? For real? Really real?

It was hilarious. She was even willing to stay when I told her that I wouldn't bring her any of her things. She was begging for a church dress, a pair of pajamas, and a toothbrush, but when I refused, she was willing to stay without them.

She was sad when I decided that I just would be too sad without her, and I had to bring her home with me (Grandma won- I had to be the bad guy).

Too bad it wasn't FOR REAL!


colleensewnsew said...

I did my years of being the bad guy -- that's why it is so fun to be a Grandma, you can always be the good guy!

ali said...

you did put a good spin on it though :) My Mom wouldn't have let it go that far, she'd have put the brakes on from the start!