Monday, June 22, 2009

The Other Kid

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In addition to the kid who sings his heart out, when there is a performance that involves children, it also seems like there is That Other Kid. The non-cooperative kid who will *not* do what anyone wants him to, no matter what.

The one who tries to touch every piece of sacrament bread, and when you take the tray away, he throws a complete 4-year-old fit, throwing himself on the ground and screaming and crying.

And tries to kick you and hit you as you try to wrestle carry him out.

And continues to scream so loudly in the hall that everyone in the meeting can still hear him.

And continues to scream, and cry, and roll around on the floor (having long ago kicked off his shoes and socks), so that everyone there walks by with a smile of pity.

Yea, we have one of those too.

Aidan wouldn't even come in the room, never mind get up on stage and sing! It was never gonna happen.

**Have any of you ever heard of "The Terrible Fours'?" Aidan was pretty even tempered at age 2, and age 3 wasn't bad at all. But 4? Yikes... he is going crazy! Temper tantrums, won't cooperate with anything, doesn't care about bribes or threats, and spends a lot of his time (no matter where we are) rolling around on the floor.

**Also, he got a new Primary teacher a few weeks ago. Church is one of the places where his uncooperativeness seems to shine the best. His teacher is awesome. This week, we spent about 3 hours trying to work with this kid through all his tantrums (some at home, some at church). When it came time for Primary, he is rolling around on the floor, screaming and crying. I am begging, threatening, and trying to wrestle him into the room.

His teacher walks up, says "Aidan, time for Primary. Come on." Aidan then stands up, walks quietly over to his chair, sits down, and remains quiet the.entire.time. I just collapsed in a heap, wondering how the heck she does that!! I pick him up from his class, where he has been participating and behaving, and within 3 minutes he is back to kicking, screaming, fussing, and rolling around on the floor.

I need to learn her secrets. Fast.


Lisa said...

For Dallin, age 4 was definitely the hardest age. The tantrums were UNBELIEVABLE. It got better at five, finally. Hang in there!

Mary Kate said...

i have one of those kids also! not too many fits but very non-coorperative! ALthough he did participate in the primary program last year....shock and awe was my reaction!

that is one talented teacher!

Katie said...

When you learn the secret PLEASE share! 4 has been worse for Adia too. I don't know what's up with that.

ali said...

Wow. I started to think this post was funny until I decided to look at it as a parent and not just a spectator. not so fun.

Greta has done the rolling and screaming in protest of primary too, and it was mortifying. I almost left church in a blurr of tears (mine). Of course it didn't help that I was new in the ward and everyone looked at us like we were psycho's.

Oh wait, this is your blog not mine. Sorry ;)