Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rules for the Playground

It has already been established that I am not a helicopter parent. Also, I let my kids run wild on the playground.

That is what it is there for.

On the other extreme end of the spectrum is the woman who was at the park with us last week. Well, not with us, just there at the same time as we were. Here are the things I heard her saying:

  • No Running
  • No yelling or shouting
  • No climbing
  • Walk slowly
Poor kid.


ali said...

I thought that was what outside was for! I always tell my kids "you can do that outside, but no [running] inside"

poor kid indeed. if you can't run outside, what's the point of being a kid, and where else could he run, on an indoor track??

Jennifer said...

I'm confused were you at the playground or the library?

Rebecca said...

That's insane! I agree poor kid!

Savannah said...

What is the point of going to the park? Poor kid.

Melinda and Matt said...

i agree with Jennifer on the library comment--why be outside if you can't yell and jump and run?