Sunday, June 21, 2009

That Kid

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You know how when the Primary children go up to the front to sing a few Father's Day songs? And there is always one kid- That Kid who is up in the front, singing his little heart out?

And he is so loud that probably the people on the street can hear him?

And his facial expressions and bouncing and movement make you realize that he isn't just singing with his voice, he is singing with his entire heart and soul?

And he is just about 3 words behind every one else, so after they all stop, he is still singing his little guts out for the next few seconds?

And everyone there is practically rolling on the floor with laughter?

And you are laughing too, because it is pretty darn funny, but also, it is your kid, and you are pretty darn proud that he knows all the words and is such a cute, funny singer?

Today, we are the parents of That Kid. Good job, Jack!


Lisa @ Teach at Home said...

I will never again hear or sing That Song without remembering Jack's rendition. I had tears in my eyes it was so cute!!

Emily said...

I love "those kids" I happen to have two of them in fact! Kennedy just happens to move closer and closer to the mic with every word. By the end, she is basically doing a solo performance in the sacrament meeting mic. It's pretty comical! We also, in fact, have one of the "other ones" too! Cole is going to do me in. When you learn her secrets, do tell!!!

Cecilee said...

Too bad you couldn't have made a video of that!