Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The cat has disappeared

Our little (ok, big) kitty cat has gone missing.

She has disappeared for a day or two before, but I have always found her- trapped in some closet, locked in a room.

She is afraid of everything- the kids, the vacuum, bugs, the kids, any sudden movement, and did I mention the kids? We usually only saw her for about 10 minutes a day, when the kids were in bed, she would come out of hiding and walk around for a minute, before retiring to her hiding spot.

I haven't been able to find her. Anywhere. She does not leave the house (afraid of everything, remember?). I have looked in every nook and cranny of this house, at least 3 times. I don't know what could have happened to her.
She must have gotten outside, but I don't know when or how she would have done that. Generally the only time the doors stay open for a period of time are when the kids are up and playing, and she will not get anywhere near a place where the kids are. The only time she would dare venture anywhere is when they are asleep, and I am certain I would have had the doors closed, or saw her go out.

But she must have gotten out somehow. We have looked everywhere. It has been almost 6 days now, and I am starting to accept that she is gone. I will miss my 10 minute a day kitty.


ali said...

oh, that's sad! I hope she comes back.

Kimberly said...

Oh, that's sad! We lost one of our beloved cats this year, and it was sad to finally accept that he was gone. It took me a long time to put away his food dish. I hope your kitty comes home.

Rebecca said...

Oh poor kitty. I hope she comes home safe & sound.

Kelly said...

ohhhh....I remember you guys when you got those two crazy cats. I hope you don't find her dead in some obscure corner of your house. That would stink...literally too.

If she is gone, are you going to get another one?

p.s. Did you get my package yet?

Jennifer said...

I'm sad to hear she's missing. I spent some quality bonding time with her when I visited.

Jessica said...

good luck finding her, that is so sad.