Saturday, July 4, 2009

Christmas in July

I am already thinking of Christmas! Following my great fun I had last year, with my homemade gifts, I wanted to do the same this year, but I knew I would need to get started early.

Especially because a few of my plans are pretty ambitious!

I wanted to make something for Aidan, similar to this. I was planning to make one, but today, as my mom watched the kids, I ran around to a bunch of thrift stores, and lined up in a line of coffee tables, I found one!! It looks like someone made it, and did a really good job. I can see a few old glue marks that look like the size/shape of tracks. It just needs some cleaning up, maybe some paint, and it was only -- $10!! I am so excited!

I have big, big plans for Abigail (shhh... don't tell!)

I am still thinking for Jack. Inspiration hasn't yet hit. Let me know if you have suggestions!

I have cute ideas for some little nieces, but I'm still thinking about the nephews. If anyone has any ideas, please share! I also want to do something for friends and neighbors.

I am getting started early, hopefully it will be fun and not too stressful!

I am also working on the rest of the giveaway projects! I finally found some patterns that I love, I just need to get working on them!

And I want to repaint my entire house. Well, I won't paint Abigail's room, or the boys room. I will also leave the two front rooms. But the rest? It needs to change. ASAP. Even the stuff that I just painted a few months ago. It is all wrong. But I hope to make it right again.

Now, if I could just get the boys to stop running away from me, I would have time to do all this, right??


Lisa said...

I've been thinking about Christmas too! Kaye must be rubbing off on us! I love both of those ideas. A few years ago I did a train mat for Dallin. I googled images of train table tops, and it was pretty easy to design my own. I cut up sponges in tree shapes to do the trees.

I want to do handmade stuff this year, but it won't be as ambitious as yours. I want to get Sariah a doll bed, and make a little quilt and a stuffed doll to go with it. And I'll probably do a sports-themed quilt and curtains for Dallin's room. It's hard to find handmade stuff that a 7-year-old will accept.

I'm already wondering if I'm getting in over my head!

Shanna said...

I was thinking about Kaye too! :) I feel a lot better about the table having already found one all made- that makes it a lot easier!

I might be getting in over my head for Abigail, but the good thing about Christmas is that they don't know what they are getting, so if it doesn't happen, they just get something else and never know the difference! :)

It is harder for boys than it is for girls. I'm having a hard time this year thinking of 'boy' things to make!

Jennifer said...

Wow! The play house is a great idea, where in you house would you do it?

Shanna said...

We have two little cubby spaces in our master bedroom- just unfinished attic space, on either side of a little sitting area. One of those cubby spaces attaches to her room, so I'm thinking we could finish it off using the access from our room, then right before Christmas, cut a hole in the wall to be a door to her room.

Mom had the idea to cover the door with a dresser, then just move the dresser when we are ready for the unveiling. If Kydon will help do a little framing and electrical, I can do the sheetrock and all the finishing work!

It might be fun... or stressful... or both!

ali said...

What a great idea!

I usually start thinking of Christmas in August, but i'd love to do a homemade christmas too, so I'd better get on it!