Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't be jealous

In a few (10) short days, all of my kids will start school.

That's right... All 3 of them. Gone.

I should have blogged about it earlier this summer, when I was feeling all sad and lonely and when did they get this BIG and I don't think they are ready, not to forget they grow up so fast.

I should have blogged about it then, because now I feel pretty excited about it.

I know none of you were jealous when I counted the diapers I have changed.

Or I described a few of our hilarious outings.

But you might be jealous now. Because while I have had 3 kids at home all day every day for approximately 4 something years, in just 10 days I will have about 7 or so hours a day that I can get things done!

When the kids are screaming at me to take them to the park (Mean Mommy said no because it was pouring buckets of rain), or hitting each other, or causing the general mayhem that is life, I day dream about all the things I will do while they are in school!

Here are my dreams: (please don't read if you have no children- it might make me appear really, really lame to dream of these things. I have no excuse- it is what I dream of and hope for.)
  • Grocery Shop. Alone, and during daylight hours. Ahh... bliss.
  • Clean the house. Alone, and without someone messing up all the other areas while I clean one area. No one spraying cleaner in their eye, no one begging me for snacks as I am scrubbing a toilet.
  • Go to the Doctor. Without having to ask someone to watch the kids, drop them off, pick them up, etc.
  • Home Improvement Projects. Where I don't have to 'wait my turn' to use the ladder.

I also will be going back to work, although I don't really look forward to that. You can read about my ambivalence in a post on Deep South Moms. A cool side note is that article got selected for syndication and was published in several small newspapers! Here is the link to the Google search linking to all the places it was published!


Jennifer Ricker said...

for some reason i stress about this just about every day - and my kids are 3 and 9 mths. it's such a hard decision to be a SAHM and then when you finally feel comfortable with it, life goes and messes it up again!!

Lisa said...

Not jealous at all. :) Happy for you, but not jealous. I'm once again thinking of homeschooling mine. Maybe if I actually do that, I will end up being jealous, lol!

Rebecca said...

Congrats on getting picked for syndication! That's awesome! I can't even imagine what I'll do when all of mine are away at school. This year, I will have 3 hours when of just one boy at home (and the other 3 hrs with just 2.) I'm pretty excited about that too!

Katie said...

Congratulations!-On Syndication and on freedom:) I am so happy for you, and not at all jealous...(well, okay, a little bit jealous:)

ali said...

Shanna, you are the coolest of the cool. I am totally jealous of your newfound freedom, and your syndicated article! I can't wait to read it, I love reading all of your articles for DSM.

You are the best!

Opp Family said...

That is so exciting - the free time and to be published!

erika said...

Congrats on your syndicated article! That is awesome. And enjoy every minute of your free time :) You still get to see your kiddos after school.