Thursday, July 16, 2009

I thought we were doomed until I had a flash of parental brilliance

I signed the kids up for a camp this week- for four hours a day, Mon-Thursday, they went to one of our very favorite places- PLAY. We have been going there for years, and it never fails to both delight the children and also wear them out, both of which are good things.
They all loved it- it took me at least 30 minutes each day to get them to leave.

But even though Aidan loved it, every day his teachers would report numerous problems. The first day, he went to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Yes, I know. He does that for me too. And if you tell him he just went, he *will* pee his pants, so you just have to take him every 5 minutes. And try not to go crazy.

The second day, he refused to put on his shoes, and they made the entire class wait for him, and he still wouldn't put them on. Then, a little later, he refused to do the art project and a few other various and sundry things. Yes, I know this too. We know he is not all that flexible if things don't go just so.
The third day, he once again refused to put on his shoes (they take their shoes off to play on the trampolines and such, then put them back on for the rest of the time), and they left him in the gym to wait him out Ha! That won't work! and when they came back, he was naked. I guess he showed them. Literally.

I was starting to get worried. Things were getting worse, not better. Each day was some new problem, some new issue, and he will not put on his shoes, never, ever. He is going to get kicked out of preschool!! What in the world are we going to do in just 3 weeks when he has to be at school all day every day, and he won't participate, and cries for me, and flashes everyone?

And then I had my moment of brilliance. I thought Why can't they help him put on his shoes? I can see that they could expect a class of 4-6 year olds to put on their shoes, and obviously all the others can, but if he can't, or won't, just help him. It will be easier for EVERYONE.
So, today, when I dropped them off, I said "can you please help him put on his shoes today?" And when I picked them up, there had been no problems. He was well behaved, cooperative, and kept his clothes on the whole time.

Sometimes the solutions are just that simple.


Jennifer said...

I really do empathize with you, but that was the funniest thing I've heard all week!

Rebecca said...

Oh wow. They totally should have thought of that. Zack can totally put on his shoes but often will not unless I help him. Glad you found the answer. And how IS it with the kids at camp? I wasn't going to do any camps but if I could find one that would take all of my guys even for a day I would jump on that right now.

Rebecca said...
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eartohear said...

Your blog is so funny! Whenever I want a good laugh, I just go to 3 cute kids, and it cracks me up every time. Thanks for posting. Its FUN!