Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm alive, believe it or not

Nothing like a computer crash to change the course of your day. That brings our total number of broken computers in the house to 3. Yikes.

We will have it back soon... I will be back blogging before you know it! And we have a functioning camera, so pictures too.

The good news is that I've kept the house clean, made dinner, finished reading Gone With the Wind (wonderful, awesome book), and completed several projects. Scary what I get done when I'm not checking google reader all day!


thetallgrl said...

I think I have read Gone With the Wind 3 times? Love that book. Always glad to hear when someone else enjoys it too. Good luck with the computers. Mine is completely wacko today!

ali said...

time to get a mac. Trust me :)

I love GWTW!

Mary Kate said...

ours crashed after we got back from vacation!!! thankfully we had so were able to recover all our files!!

I am with ali....get a mac! the next computer we buy will be a mac!