Monday, July 6, 2009

It was better than last year... but that isn't saying much

We had a pretty good 4th of July. WAY better than last year! Actually, it was a lot better than most other years. I posted about all of our July 4th disasters on Deep South Moms.

We started out with Kydon taking off to run in the famous Peachtree Road Race. He has talked about doing it for years, but it generally requires a lot of advanced planning, what with trying to get a number somewhere around mid-March. Advanced planning, for those of you who might not know, is not our strength. This year, however, he found someone who had an extra number for some reason. We enjoy benefiting from people who not only do their own advanced planning, but help take care of us slackers. So he got the number and went downtown to run with 55,000 of his closest friends.

I stayed home with the kids. We had plans to go to a family breakfast at the park. It turned out great. We only had to make one trip to a store for things we forgot, and Abigail only annoyed 2 groups of people by harassing them that they aren't supposed to feed the ducks. She very helpfully pointed them to the signs, then very loudly complained that they weren't listening to her when they continued to feed them.

But, my prayers came true, and the boys didn't run away. That was the first day all week I'd been able to say that. Since they pretty much stayed put, we were able to stay and enjoy ourselves.

Then we came home, got all cleaned up, and headed out to work on the yard at the money hole rental house. Nothing says "Fourth of July" like trimming bushes, raking the pine cones, and hauling out thorn bushes. The kids loved it. Or not. They are not very clear with their emotions. I guess our celebration had something to do with "Life, liberty and the pursuit of debt property ownership"

Don't you love all the wonderful pictures I took? I don't even have the excuse of the broken camera, since my mom loaned me theirs. I guess I just want what I don't have.

After we finished pulling all the thorns out of our skin, we headed home to prep for the family party at our house! Which I was sort of dreading. I used to love having people over, but now it always seems like So. Much. Work. Although I have to admit that once we got going with it, I really had a blast. So much so that I invited them all over again the next night, and we did it all again!

We finished up our fabulous dinner, and headed over to the city fireworks. We only had 3 trips to the bathroom, 1 episode that required new pants, 3 camp chairs + 2 blankets + 3 kids who didn't want to walk and all had to be carried. All in all, we declared it a roaring success and finally made it home before 11.

We did our sparklers the next night, and I now hear that the cousins are saying prayers to never be invited to a house where they are doing sparklers. Hey, just because all the children were both fascinated beyond belief and aching with desire to hold them while at the same time being utterly scared and terrified and one kid got some pretty severe burns, it was FUN! Okay, maybe it was miserable and I have vowed to never buy sparklers. Whatever- it was still better than last year!


ali said...

we are terrible at planning ahead too-- which unfortunately severely handicaps our ability to parent. :)

Jennifer Ricker said...

not to rub it in, but we were @ Callaway for the 4th this year. The weather was so nice, we got there @ 8, listened to the band, watched the fireworks and got out of the gardens in about 30 minutes. I think that most of columbus was in florida for the weekend, so there weren't that many people there. I thought about you though cause i remembered how badly last year went for you. BTW - we LOVED great wolf lodge!! thanks so much for the recommendation!!

Mary Kate said...

I would love to run in that race! Advance planning a luck is what it takes to get a number since there are only so many they give out! I bet Kydon enjoyed catching up with all his friends! no pun intended!

Glad your 4th was better than last year!