Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Lady at the Mall

We went to the mall today. I took 3 unrestrained pre-schoolers, and we went in, bought 2 pairs of shoes, walked to the food court, ate lunch, walked back to the playground, played, and left all without incident. Great for me, but kinda boring for the blog!

So instead I have to post about a Lady I saw at the mall. She had 4 kids with her, There weren't any that looked older than 4, and there weren't any that looked younger than 2. It looked to me like she had triplets who were old 3's or young 4's, plus a 2 year old.

I was trying to figure out if she was the nanny or the mom.

Arguments for Mom:
  • She had them well in order. Which I know from experience, comes only from being forced by having a bunch of kids to not ever let them get away with anything. She was very tightly controlling every situation, which is what you have to do if you want to try to go to the mall.

  • She was out of the house with them. I think maybe a Nanny wouldn't think it was worth it to leave the house- that seems like the result of the inner debate "is it worse to stay home or is it worse to go somewhere?"

  • She was getting frustrated with them. Seemed very mom-like to me.

Arguments for Nanny:

  • She was teeny. I mean, really, really teeny. Like she might shop at the American Girl store. And I know a lot of tiny people who are still tiny after giving birth, but 4 kids really close together? It didn't seem likely. Also, she was wearing really short shorts, which did not show any signs of stretch marks, which I would expect to see after being pregnant with multiples.

  • She was out of the house with them, which I think maybe a mom wouldn't be doing. A mom would be more likely to take them to the McDonalds playground than the mall food court.

Hey- come on, the kids were eating really slow, and being really, really good, so I had plenty of time to sit and stare at them all.

And then, I noticed the clincher. I decided she was a nanny based on her purse.

It was one of these things:

Not that exact one, of course, but one similar. Very small, and cute, and not all that practical for toting around a bunch of kids (and there was no diaper bag in sight). Now, I've never been a big purse- carrier, and mine isn't very full, but it wasn't the size, so much as it was the fact that you have to carry it in your hands.

I can't imagine a mom with 4 kids wanting anything that had to be carried in her hands. It just wouldn't happen.


Valeni said...

Did you talk to the lady at the mall? She probably would have laughed if she knew you were figuring her all out. Cute observations and glad you were there having fun with the kids.
We should have taken pictures at the zoo...the panda really was amazing. All hyper and cute falling down in to that hammock like he did. hope I can visit again soon. love ya all

Lisa L. said...

HA! So true!! I quite using one of my favorite purses when Ellie was born because it always fell off my shoulder and fussing with baby, diaper bag and purse was just too much!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

HA!! That is soooo true! My bags get bigger every year. :)