Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Painter's Best Friend

The kids are in a little play camp this week, and I have been BUSY with some home improvement projects- mostly painting. I am redoing the upstairs hall and the kitchen. That includes painting all the trim, and I thought I would show you my absolutely favorite product for painting doors and trim:

This stuff is wonderful!! Sherwin Williams Pro Classic for trim and doors- Extra White Semi Gloss.
It is pricey- somewhere around $50 for a gallon, but it is SO worth it! I used to get so frustrated with the paint never coating very well, not looking white enough, and never getting that hard dry- it would always be just a little bit sticky.
This mimics the coverage and properties of an oil based paint, but has the easy clean up of latex.
Did I mention I love it? I just finished painting our stairs and hallway with it, and I am so happy with my gleaming white molding!


erika said...

Can't wait to see pictures!

Opp Family said...

Totally agree! Being married to a contractor, there is something to be said about good quality paint - I've been spoiled!

erika said...

Opp Family...what is considered bad quality paint? Inquiring minds want to know....