Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank Goodness for Grandma

This week has been quite fun.

The two boys who shall remain nameless have upped the ante with their willful, disobedient, defiant behavior. I swear they are two. They are acting just like two year olds who have recently discovered that they can have a will of their own, and they are determined to test it out and drive me crazy.

Yesterday Abigail wanted to go to the puppet show, and I agreed. The community theater hosts puppet shows in the summer. They are delightful. But one blue-eyed boy who shall remain nameless, decided he didn't want to go. He isn't the most flexible child. So when he said he didn't want to go to the puppet show, he only wanted doughnuts, I actually got happy. There is a doughnut place just one block from the theater. I readily agreed, and he came with us to the show with the promise of doughnuts afterward.

Okay, so show is over, and we start walking. It is a lovely day, nice breeze, lovely. But then our blue-eyed boy realized where we were going, and got all inflexible again. It seems he was expecting a doughnut from the grocery store, not the doughnut store. Whatever, I didn't care, but I knew the other two were expecting the doughnut store, so we needed to stop, talk, and get everyone on board with whatever we decided to do. Except that one boy went one way, to the doughnuts, and one took off to the car. I was at a loss, especially when they started crossing the parking lot by themselves. I ran for it, grabbed them each by the arm, and we all went home. On the way, they decided to express their anger by throwing huge fits and throwing toys and shoes at my head.

And pretty much, that was repeated throughout the whole day. And it was about the same the day before, and so far, in the two hours we have been awake so far today, it looks like more of the same.

Thank goodness for my sainted Mother, who last week asked if she could take the kids for a few hours one day this week, and we picked a time. Not because I had something I needed to do, and not because I asked, but just because she is awesome. When I was enduring the first hour of crying and screaming fits, I realized today is THURSDAY, and I got unnaturally happy. Giddy, almost.

I love my kids, I enjoy being with them, but I am grateful for a break now and then!

Plus she offered to loan me a camera to post about what we've been doing in between the fits.

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ali said...

Aunt Colleen is pretty freakin awesome!